Wireless Alarm Security: Versatile Safety Net When Winter Strikes

Has winter caught you by surprise? The season always sees an uptick in residential fires and needless tragedies like this one last year. We’d like to remind you to test all the CO and smoke detectors in your home – if you haven’t already done so – and change any batteries older that one year. A wireless alarm system is a powerful ally in protecting your home and loved ones against burglars and the extremes of winter weather but the detectors need to be operating properly to do their job.


Wireless alarm workhorse

Your wireless alarm system can do a whole lot more than just protect your home from burglary and intruders. Extreme weather brings a whole set of problems that have the potential to damage your home security and peace of mind.

Extreme weather conditions like blizzards, ice storms and freezing temperatures can be devastating no matter where you live. Flooding, hurricanes, and tornadoes are destructive forces we need to prepare for and in extreme situations, we may have to evacuate. It’s when faced with this type of crisis that you need the extra capabilities a wireless alarm system can provide.

The best advantage of a wireless alarm system is that wireless sensors are designed to function at optimum efficiency even in power outages by using long-life batteries. When these security and environmental sensors are coupled with video surveillance cameras, you are totally cognizant of everything happening in and around your home.

Some of the ways a wireless alarm system can perform in the event of an extreme weather episode…

Weather protection

  • Potential flooding can be monitored by an environmental sensor that detects water and sends an alert.
  • Fire safety sensors will alert you and the fire department immediately should there be a fire in your home – especially important if you have to evacuate.
  • The glass break sensors – designed to detect if a burglar breaks a window – will immediately send an alert if a hurricane or tornado breaks a window or glass door.
  • High winds and heavy rain can damage a roof but a video camera, mounted securely in the attic, will relay what the storm is doing to your roof.
  • Power outages mean trouble no matter what the season – in the summer the heat goes up, and in the winter…well, we all know what freezing temperatures can do to pipes. The freeze sensors of your wireless alarm system will measure the temperature inside your home.
  • But, did you also know that in the event of a lengthy period with no power, you can monitor the temperature in your freezer? Yup, your wireless alarm system can even tell you if the food inside your freezer is still good to eat.

And when the storm has passed and emergency services are struggling to keep up with rescues, your wireless alarm system will still be functioning and able to send alerts, keeping your property secure.

Protect your home with a dependable, efficient wireless alarm system with loud alerts, multiple ways to communicate, long-lasting batteries, and the ability to send notifications to you or anyone you elect if anything goes wrong. Know what’s happening to your home when you can’t be there.


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