Window Film: An Easy Makeover That Actually Improves Security

Window film is the DIY solution you may not have known you were looking for until now. The thought of you actually using this design idea really makes us happy since it is a beautiful way to improve your window security. With so many designs and colors to choose from, you can use film to showcase your unique creative style without compromising your privacy or safety.

Window film is a great way to decorate and improve home security!

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What is Window Film?

Have you ever dreamt of having stained glass windows at home? What about etched or frosted glass on certain windows throughout your home? While the thought of replacing your windows in order to have these designs is costly (and if you’re a renter, it’s not even possible!), window film offers you a pretty simple DIY alternative. Available at most home improvement chains and online retailers, most of these vinyl films are of the peel and stick variety and can be cut to fit specific shapes and measurements. This means that you can literally transform your windows in a single weekend without ever needing to hire a professional.

A Cost-Effective Design Idea

Besides the obvious cost-effectiveness of applying window film yourself, this design idea can also save you money in another way. Depending upon the brand you select, some films are energy efficient in that they help control a room’s brightness and temperature. Decorative film allows sunlight to flood a room while it also filters ultra-violet rays from the sun, which is especially useful during warm weather months as this helps to keep heavily sunlit areas from becoming too warm.

But that’s not even the best part! Here’s how this awesome design idea can actually help make your home safer:

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