Weatherproof vs Weather-Resistant Home Security Devices


Should I Buy a Waterproof Or a Water-Resistant Surveillance Camera?

If you plan to use outdoor surveillance, be sure to verify that the system’s cameras are intended for outdoor use and, yes, they should be either waterproof or water-resistant. To decide whether you need a waterproof camera or simply a water-resistant one, consider how much exposure your equipment will have to water and dust. Remember, that it’s not just rain or snow that you’ve got to be concerned with, but also air moisture, sprinkler systems and splashing water from a nearby pool or hose. With regards to dust, think about how much exposure a camera will have to dust storms or winds carrying debris.

Check a System’s IP Rating First!

The key to determining how waterproof or water-resistant a camera is lies with a system’s Ingress Protection or IP rating. This rating is pretty easy to understand once you know what each number means. Essentially, it is a two-digit rating where the first digit indicates the level of dust protection while the second one indicates the level of liquid protection. For dust, the number can range from 0-6 with 0 indicating a zero tolerance and 6 meaning the strongest protection. For liquid, the number can range from 0-8 with 0 indicating a zero tolerance and 8 meaning the strongest protection.

With this in mind, the higher the IP rating, the better your equipment will be protected against dust and liquid. So, a home security camera touting an IP rating of 32 means that it is not a good choice for outdoor use, while a device with an IP rating of 68 means that even if your camera is fully submerged under water, it will continue to work without interruption.

Outdoor Home Security Advice

At the very least, you’ll want outdoor equipment to be weather-resistant, which means you’ll want an IP rating between 44 and 65 in order that your security cameras may withstand most normal outdoor conditions. Should you want maximum protection against severe weather and dust storms, however, then a home security camera with an IP rating of 68 is your best buy. While we’ve largely discussed cameras here, remember to also check the IP ratings for other outdoor home security equipment such as security lighting, driveway alarms and any outdoor motion-activated security devices that you may use to protect or automate your home.

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