WARNING: Lock Bumping Is a Serious Home Security Danger

Did you know that a key to your home can be purchased online? Or that any random burglar can unlock your front door in a matter of seconds? Like, right now as you’re reading this a criminal can literally walk through your front door in less time than it takes for you to dial and speak to a 9-1-1 operator. And he can do so without being detected and with leaving little trace.

Chances are good that you’ve never heard of lock bumping before even though it is a major threat to your family and your home security, overall.

What Is Lock Bumping?

A popular technique among criminals, lock bumping is a swift action that involves placing a modified key or a similar instrument inside a lock’s keyhole. The phony key is then lightly tapped or bumped and this allows the pins inside of the lock to align, which unlocks the door. All in all, the action can be executed in under 30-seconds. It is very simple to do and there are plenty of videos and articles online offering instructional cues.

Modified keys used for lock bumping are also sold online. But as previously mentioned, a thief can also modify other instruments such as a screwdriver or even create a bump key with a 3-D printer. Access gained this way leaves no signs of forced entry and a passerby on the street probably wouldn’t even notice lock bumping in action, since it wouldn’t appear to look very much different from a resident placing a key in a lock to enter a house.

How To Prevent Lock Bumping

As most people have never heard of this technique, few have taken strides to prevent it from happening to them. Now that you’re aware of this criminal skill, you have an advantage over would-be thieves and we hope that you act on that advantage quickly. Some of the ways that you can prevent lock bumping include:

  • Get rid of locks that contain traditional pins inside
  • Invest in new locks with mushroom pins or that specifically advertise protection against lock bumping
  • Install an alarm system if you do not already have one
  • Work to deter thieves by making sure that placards, door and window stickers clearly advertise that you have a home security system
  • Home Security Is Your Personal Responsibility

    Simply locking your front door isn’t enough when lock bumping criminals are lurking the neighborhood looking for their next victim. The only way to avoid this danger is to become aware and educated on the ways in which you can protect your home and your family. Ultimately, home security is every individual homeowner’s responsibility and must be taken seriously. Do not take this news lightly, but be proactive about safeguarding your family and your valuables today.

    Do You Have Questions About Lock Bumping?

    Please take the time to research the web for more information about lock bumping. Should you have any questions, feel free to post them on this blog and let’s figure the answers out together. If you have anything you’d like to add to this post or perhaps even share a personal experience with lock bumping, we’d love to hear from you in the space provided below.

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