Vacation Home Security: What Renters Need to Know

Vacation home security is more important than you may think!

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Vacation Home Security On a Rental Property

If you read our previous post on vacation home security, then you already know how important this topic is. But what about security for people who don’t own a vacation home, but plan to rent one, instead? Well, SafeResidence has you covered, so keep reading and learn how to protect your family and your valuables whether you’re renting a hotel room or a fully equipped vacation home.

Ok, so installing a home security system isn’t possible when renting a vacation home, but there are a lot of other very smart security layers you can use in order to secure your valuables and your loved ones while enjoying your stay. Here are a few suggestions to help point you in the direction of strong vacation home security:

  • Hold a family meeting before you leave to discuss vacation security.
  • Travel with a portable home security system like door alarms and portable surveillance.
    As soon as step foot in your vacation home, check all of the doors and windows. Don’t assume that they’ve been secured. A crafty criminal may have visited before you and intentionally left one of these open for an easy entrance when he returns!
  • Who has keys to your vacation rental? You can never be too sure about these things, so do not place your faith in door locks. Instead, add an extra layer of security by carrying a simple door stop with you and using it to keep your doors from opening to intruders when you are inside the home.
  • Pepper spray and other personal safety devices should always be within reach while you are traveling and ESPECIALLY close to where you are sleeping each night.
  • If you can’t carry them with you when venturing outside of your vacation home, be sure to secure your valuables someplace safe each time you leave.
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Is Vacation Home Security Really That Important?

Yes! You may be visiting a nearby locale or traveling clear across the world on your vacation, but we guarantee you that, wherever you are, burglars, petty thieves and other criminals are already there. Many times, these ne’er do wells are just waiting for your arrival as so many specialize in crimes against out-of-towners. With the popularity of Airbnb and similar businesses, you never know who has access to your rental space and what sorts of plans they have for future tenants. To deliberately ignore vacation home security places you, your valuables and your family at serious risk!

Should you need help in learning more about home security, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get back to you asap.

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