Vacation Home Security and What You Need to Know

Vacation home security isn’t always a priority. After all, most of your focus goes into securing your primary residence and with a second home being vacant most of the year, you don’t need to be overly concerned about break-ins, right? Wrong! Although you may not leave expensive valuables at your vacation getaway, a break-in can still cost you quite a bit.

Here’s Why Vacation Home Security is So Important

How good is your vacation home security?

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Vacation homes are commonly targeted by teenagers looking for a place to party, homeless people looking for safe shelter and criminals looking for items to steal or, worse, a place to hide out from the law. The thought of your property being vandalized is one thing, but imagine walking into your vacation home and finding someone holed up there. Property damage from the break-in aside, you and your family may literally be placed in harm’s way!

Here’s another reason for vacation home security–even in cases where you don’t believe you have anything worth stealing. See, even the most sparse homes and cabins are sometimes targeted for things like copper wiring and piping, everyday appliances and fixtures that can attract even the smallest of profits on the black market. Houses situated in low-traffic areas (which many vacation homes are) are often targeted for break-ins, but unoccupied dwellings in high-traffic locations can also be targeted.

While there are many reasons for the importance of vacation home security, the most compelling is certainly to protect the family even while traveling. Most people take vacations just to exchange all the busyness of life for a much calmer and serene time. Unfortunately, however, many don’t want to think about vacation home security at these times, which is exactly what burglars and other criminals count on!

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Evaluating Your Vacation Home Security

To assess your levels of vacation home security right now, ask yourself the following questions and be very honest with your answers:

  • Is your vacation home equipped with a fully functional home security system?
  • Is the alarm system at your vacation home monitored by a UL certified monitoring company?
  • Is the alarm system at your vacation home armed while you are away?
  • Do you arm your home security system even when you are visiting your vacation home?
  • Do you have remote access to see inside and around your vacation home while you are away?
  • How are you alerted if or when your vacation home security system is ever breached?
  • Are the doors of your vacation home vulnerable to lock bumping?
  • Who collects the junk mail and paper flyers left at the doorstep of your vacation home?
  • Do you use security lighting outside of your vacation home?
  • Is your indoor lighting set to a timer so as to give the impression that the vacation home is occupied even when you are away?
  • Is your vacation home layered with home security deterrents like security signs and surveillance cameras?
  • Does a caretaker or someone else trim your trees, your lawn or shrubs when you are away?

Truthful answers to these questions should alert you to areas where your vacation home security might need improving.

Vacation Home Security For Renters

Lest you think that vacation home security is only something that homeowners need to be concerned with, we are working on a future post for vacation renters. You may not be able to install a permanent home security system for a one-time stay, but there are still a number of things that you can do to make sure that your vacation home is a safe space for you and your family.

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