Use a Driveway Alarm To Increase Home Security

driveway alarm

Who Needs a Driveway Alarm?

Simply put, every homeowner needs a driveway alarm. Home security is all about creating layers comprised of deterrents and safety devices. A driveway alarm adds to this layer as it helps guard an area of your home where a thief may otherwise gain access.

What Does a Driveway Alarm Do?

A driveway alarm will send an alert the moment someone approaches or passes your driveway area. Depending upon where your driveway is located, this may mean that you are notified the very second that someone approaches your home…before they even reach your front door (which is a common entry point for thieves). Different driveway alarm models vary, but most can be set to emit a small chime or buzz during high traffic hours or hours where you may be open to receiving guests.

Will a Driveway Alarm Work With My Burglar Alarm?

In many instances, a driveway alarm can be used to expand an existing security system. This means that your driveway alarm can be set to trigger a burglar alarm if necessary. Certain driveway alarms will also work with security lighting and surveillance systems. Not all systems will necessarily work together, however, so it is best to speak to your alarm representative if you’d like to expand an existing system with a driveway alarm or if you are shopping for a burglar alarm and are considering adding an alarm for your driveway.

How Does a Driveway Alarm Protect My House?

Many homes are built with a driveway in front of the house. Therefore, anyone approaching the home has to pass this area first. If your home is built in this way, a driveway alarm will notify you each and every time someone comes within a few feet of your home and, if necessary, will trigger your main alarm system. Some alarm models can also be set to regularly scan your driveway for a possible prowler.

Why Do I Need Another Alarm If I Already Have One?

Consider that a driveway alarm is not only great for home security, but it will also help protect your vehicle whether parked in your driveway or garage. Not every burglar wants entry into your home. For many, vandalizing or stealing from your car is a score large enough to satisfy whatever their need is. Will your current alarm system extend to protecting whatever is in your driveway? Does your burglar alarm notify you each time someone approaches your home from the direction of your driveway?

Thinking About a Driveway Alarm?

Your security representative can offer you a wide selection of driveway alarm options. Designed with different notification and alarm settings, it is not difficult to find a device that is just right for your security needs as well as for your lifestyle. When considering which model to buy, think about what you need a driveway alarm to do and what other security devices you need your alarm to communicate with and then make the selection that will be the best for your home.

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