Upgrading Home Security

Upgrade Home Security

Is Upgrading Home Security Possible?

Yes, yes and yes. Upgrading your home security system is not only possible, but it is something that you would do well to do as soon as possible. New technologies have made home security quite affordable and more reliable than ever. If you are using an outdated system, you may not have the best protection for your home.

What Does a Home Security Upgrade Entail?

First, contact your home security dealer and ask what sort of options are available to you as a longtime customer. Depending upon your system’s age, you may choose a complete replacement or you may want to simply add a few additional products to your system. Known as a system expansion, adding one or two new devices at a time is a way of building an optimal system over a period of time as you feel the need or as you can afford to.

What Kind of Expansion Might I Need?

At a minimum, your system should consist of a burglar alarm and a monitoring service. Ideally, a multi-channel surveillance system should also be included or added to your system. Of course, these channels should consist of indoor as well as outdoor cameras that can all be monitored remotely in order to give you full surveillance of your home at all times no matter where you are.

You may also want to consider expanding your system to include some of the latest smarthome and smartphone conveniences. For example, did you know that you can arm and disarm your alarm system from your smartphone? Or that you can remotely communicate with someone inside of your home through your video surveillance system? This latter feature is great for households with children who may be at home unattended for periods of time or even for family members to keep watch over elderly relatives who live alone. You can even add smarthome devices that allow you to turn lights and appliances on and off from a remote location. Most devices of this type can be operated from a smartphone, too, which means that you never have to be out of touch with your home…ever.

My System Is Hardwired, Can I Add Wireless Devices To It?

Yes, this is known as a hybrid system and often this is totally doable. The reverse is also true. In other words, plenty of wireless systems can also be expanded to include hardwired devices.

Upgrading Home Security Makes Sense

You may think that your home security system is just fine as is…and it may very well be. However, if you are unsure that an aged system is still up for the job of 24/7 protection, why not inquire about an upgrade just to be on the safe side? And, even if your current alarm system is up to par, expanding your system to include even more security can only help your current system be better, right?

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