Think Like a Burglar and Protect Your Home

Think like a burglar

What Would a Burglar Do?

Looking for ways to protect your home? Well, step outside of yourself for a moment and think like a burglar would. More specifically, walk around your home and ask yourself the following questions:

A Burglar Asks: “Which windows and doors are left unlocked throughout the day?”

Your front door (hopefully) remains locked at all times. But are you in the habit of leaving your garage or patio door unlocked? What about a basement or attic window? Or maybe a bathroom window? Leaving any of these unlocked sends an open invitation to a burglar.

A Burglar Asks: “Which entry point offers me the most privacy?”

Do you have shrubs that shield windows and other possible entrances from view? If so, a burglar is thrilled to have so much privacy under which he can work without being noticed or without anyone getting a good look at his identifying features. If you find any obstructed views around your home, we recommend that you do something about this before it is too late.

A Burglar Asks: “Are there tools lying around that I can use to pry a lock? Break a window?”

Remember that weekend project you were working on? Well, the tools that you neglected to put away may be the precise ones used to bump your locks or pry a window. Or a drug-induced burglar may just decide that the tools, themselves, are worth enough to use in exchange for the thing he wants most.

A Burglar Asks: “What is my victim’s daily routine?”

It is not uncommon for a criminal to watch a homeowner’s routines for a few days before deciding to make a move. And since most burglars can be in and out of a home in 15 minutes or less, they can easily capitalize on the time it takes you to drop your children off at school and return home or even that morning jog you like to take before work. Randomly changing your routines just may throw a wrench in a thief’s schedule, so why not give it a try!

A Burglar Asks: “If I knock, will someone answer?”

Bold criminals know that the element of surprise works in their favor. This is why so many simply knock on a front door, wait for someone to answer and stroll right in. Or, they may knock on a door to determine if someone is home at that hour. If no one answers, they may choose to wait until the next day at the same time and try again. It is on this second unanswered day that they often feel confident that occupants are away at work, school or wherever and that it is the best time to break in.

To combat these most brazen burglars, invest in a two-way intercom system that will allow you to communicate with whomever is on your porch without opening the door. Or talk to your home security rep about an outdoor surveillance system that will record all activity around your home.

If You Were a Burglar, What Would You Do?

Hopefully, these questions have helped you begin to analyze your home security in the same ways that a burglar would. Have you found any areas where your security needs to be strengthened? If so, we suggest that you contact a qualified home security representative right away.

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