Summer Essentials That Will Improve Your Security

Personal security is on our list of summer essentials you should remember!

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A Word About Personal Security

Having a safe residence is extremely important, but we also want to offer a few reminders about personal safety when traveling. For example:

  • Do NOT advertise your vacation on social media before you leave home.
  • Do NOT post your vacation pictures on social media until you’ve returned home.
  • Do NOT leave valuables behind in your vacation rental even if only going out for a few hours.
  • Always carry personal protection devices like pepper spray or personal alarms with you when exploring new places.
  • Invest in portable security alarms that can be placed on hotel room doors while you are inside.

What Are Your Summer Essentials For Better Security?

We love hearing your tips for better personal and home security, so tell us what summer essentials you think we should have included on this list. If you have any questions about home security, we would be happy to address them if you’ll just get in touch with us. Otherwise, please leave us a comment or two below and remember to share this post with your loved ones before you go!

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