Summer Essentials That Will Improve Your Security

There are a few summer essentials that should be kept at the top of everyone’s list. Of course, sandals, shorts and flip-flops are a must, but we can’t forget about home and personal security during the busy summer months. In fact, it’s been shown that burglary rates rise during the summer, which is exactly why today’s post is one you must read and share. With the official start of barbecue season just around the corner, let’s go over some of the most important summer essentials designed to keep you and your belongings as safe as possible.

These summer essentials will help improve your overall security.

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Before You Plan Your Vacation, Know This

As the days get warmer and longer, scores of you will begin to move about the planet in search of a fun and adventure. Sadly, burglars are counting on this and banking on the valuables that you will leave behind. Not all burglars are waiting for you to leave home, though. Some are fast at work cleaning out your vacation homes before you even arrive! This why DIY home security is first on our list of summer essentials. Let’s take a closer look:

Start With the Basics

If you have read this far, but do not have a home security system at your home, please stop now! Compare your options and select a DIY home security system right away. Before you make plans to go anywhere, set a few hours aside to install your system and begin using it immediately!

If you already have a home security system, we’re not just going to let you off the hook that easily. Before moving on to read about other summer essentials, we’d like to ask if your system is monitored by a UL certified monitoring station like it should be? Sure, you may have an app on your mobile devices allowing you to remotely view your home security system, but who’s watching your home while you’re sleeping by the pool in some exotic locale or when you’re on an international flight and can’t use your cellphone? Trust us when we tell you that professional monitoring is totally necessary.

Remember to Secure Your Vacation Home

More than just a burglar alarm, your summer home should be protected by an entire home security system. This includes alarms, surveillance devices, glass break detectors and the works. While you may have skimped on some of these because you figure you won’t spend much time there, we’re here to tell you that protecting your vacation home is just as important as protecting your primary residence. Without the right kind of security in position, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to intruders who prey on travelers or you may even be surprised to find out that someone else has been living there during the months that you were away.

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