STOLEN PROPERTY: Get Your Stuff Back!

Been burglarized? There’s no surefire way to get your stolen property back, but we have some tips that can certainly help. Even if you’ve never been burglarized before, continue reading for advice on how to up your chances of recovering your stolen property if you ever find yourself in such an unfortunate position.

Write Down What’s Missing

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After contacting the police, write down a list of everything that’s missing. Hopefully, you’ve already read and implemented our advice on creating your own inventory list as this will make it much easier to know exactly what’s been stolen. Check every nook and cranny of your home paying special attention to jewelry boxes, places where cash may have been kept, video games and other items a thief may be able to trade for cash or drugs. Of course, share your written list with police, but also keep it handy in the days and weeks following the burglary as you are likely to realize more missing items and need to add to it as time goes on. Be sure to update the police each time you add something that wasn’t on the original list!

Keep In Touch With the Police

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Don’t wait for the police to call you about your stolen property, call them! Communication is key here. You don’t have to call every day, but make it a point to call at least every 2 weeks to find out if any progress has been made on your case. Inquire about stolen property showings being held in your area, too. These periodic events are held to put stolen items on display while invitees (all of whom have been robbed or burglarized) are able to visually assess the inventory and, hopefully, identify and recover their own stolen property. Also, be sure that your contact information is up to date just in case the police do find your items months or even years later.

Talk to Pawnbrokers

Talk to pawnbrokers about your stolen property

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In most jurisdictions, pawnbrokers are bound by law to report stolen property. Still, they do receive these items and it is possible that you can find yours just by being your own detective. Don’t just stay in your immediate vicinity, either, but take a trip to surrounding cities to look around and get the word out about what you’re looking for.

Watch Your Neighbors

Do neighbors have your stolen property?

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If you haven’t already done so, read our post on neighbors burglarizing other neighbors. Yes, neighbor burglary is a real thing…the bad guys have to live somewhere, don’t they? Unfortunately, people sometimes find that their stolen property is right under their nose!

How Did You Get Your Stolen Property Back?

Ever recovered your own stolen property? What led to you getting your stuff back? Which tips did we fail to mention? Hopefully, you’re all working to prevent a burglary from happening to you, but if it does happen…or if it has already happened…we want to hear from you. Tell us about your experiences in the space provided below and don’t forget to share this post with your friends on social media!

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