Want to Live In a Smarthome?

Any home can be a smarthome!

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Smarthome technology seems to be exploding everywhere, doesn’t it? Just a few years ago, homes of the future felt like some faraway fantasy that only the wealthiest among us could afford to even think about. Now, as you’ve probably already noticed, everything from refrigerators to televisions are being created to make home automation easier and DIY technology has made it all surprisingly affordable!

Where specialists were once called upon to convert a house into a smarthome–and were able to charge a pretty penny for doing so–the DIY industry has introduced cost-effective and simple plug-and-play tech so that every house, condo and apartment can become a bit more intelligent. Most of this technology isn’t a mystery anymore and it definitely isn’t out of reach as any trip to a local hardware store will reveal. And if you’ve already installed a DIY home security system, you’ve already begun converting your abode into a smarthome since features like remote surveillance and arming/disarming home security systems are pretty much standard these days.

More DIY Smarthome Features

Converting your house into a smarthome doesn’t have to stop at home security, though. Here are a few other DIY projects that will help raise your home’s IQ:

Lighting Control: Thanks to modern technology, you can not only set your lights to go on and off at certain times of the day, but you can also remotely control them throughout the day whenever you wish.

Electrical Outlets: Smarthome outlets sold at hardware stores can be installed to control any number of appliances and gadgets in your home.

Entertainment Devices: As mentioned, most televisions are already manufactured with a certain degree of smarthome technology installed. This includes things like built-in Wi-Fi and full Internet access.

The Possibilities are Endless

Thanks to DIY smarthome technology, you can literally tailor your home to your exact specifications. Just imagine your favorite musical selections greeting you each time you walk through the door of your home. Or your home’s temperature always being exactly where you want it throughout the day. Imagine coming home after spending several hours outside on a chilly overcast day to a warm and toasty home where your favorite tunes are wafting about and your house is just waiting for you to snuggle in and relax. With smarthome technology, you can literally train your home in the ways that you like to be greeted and enjoy a customized homecoming each day!

Whereas most people probably think that living in a smarthome calls for purchasing a new house equipped with this technology, smart do-it-yourselfers already know that turning an existing home into a smart one is a far better and less expensive option. SafeResidence is as excited about the endless possibilities of home automation as you are, which is why we have carefully reviewed the best home security systems on the market as a way to usher you into the smarthome revolution!

The Floor Is Yours

Have you already explored smarthome options for yourself? What are your plans for creating the smarthome of your dreams? Are you skeptical of this new technology and, if so, why? Share your thoughts with us in the space provided below and don’t forget to reach out to us if you have any questions at all on DIY home security and automation.

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