SMALL ROOM IDEAS: 5 Ways to Maximize Space

Looking for small room ideas that are also easy on the budget? You’ve come to the right place! SafeResidence takes a break from home security to bring you some of the freshest ways to maximize space without breaking the bank.

Don’t you just hate it when you search for ideas on decorating small spaces, but all you find are tips that include tearing down walls, constructing lofts and other big projects? Whether you’re in a house, apartment or condo, sometimes these ideas–beautiful as they are–just aren’t feasible. And even if they’re DIY projects, some aren’t exactly cheap either!

1. Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

small room ideas - mirrors

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Mirrors add light and dimension to any room. And when it comes to small room ideas, you’ve got to be willing to think outside the box a bit. While wall mirrors are perfectly acceptable (especially oversized ones), think also of using mirrored tiles as design elements to give a tiny space a bit of a boost.

2. Paint in Light Colors

Small Room Ideas - Light Colors

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Color adds mood to a room, but dark heavy colors in a small space can make it appear even smaller. This doesn’t mean that you have to stick with plain white walls, though. Visit your nearest hardware store and sample pastels and other light colors that tickle your fancy.

3. Wall Space Vs. Floor Space

Small Room Ideas - Shelving

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When your square footage is at a minimum, there’s no place else to go but up! Add shelving and hooks throughout your home to create more storage and display surfaces in your tiny space.

4. Double-Duty Furniture

Small Room Ideas - Furniture

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A chair is still a chair–but it can do so much more! One of the best small room ideas you’ll ever find is that of furnishings that have a dual purpose. For example, ottomans and tables that also feature hidden storage space or chairs and sofas that can double as beds.

5. What’s Behind That Door?

Small Room Ideas - Door Storage

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Your doors and cabinets are a great way to maximize space! While considering small room ideas, can you add small shelves or storage baskets to the insides of your cabinets? Doing so helps keep things off of your kitchen and bathroom counters and allows your cabinets to accommodate even more. Ditto for room doors! Can hooks and baskets be added for storing things like shoes, electronic cords, clothing accessories and more?

Key Points Behind Our Small Room Ideas

If you’re paying attention, you probably noticed a theme in all of the tips that we just shared. Each one either played Jedi mind tricks to fool the eye or made excellent use of wasted space. Going forward, remember to play on these themes and we’re sure that you’ll find even more amazing small room ideas!

The Ball’s in Your Court Now

What do you think of our small room ideas for maximizing space? Have you tried any of them yet? Do you have any ideas of your own that you’d like to share with our readers? It is now officially up to you to finish this post!

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