Useful Tips For Installing a Security Camera

Don't install a DIY home security camera before you read this!

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Additional Equipment to Consider

While everything you need for a basic camera installation will be included with your camera purchase, some homeowners have found that a few extra tools allow them more options when it comes to the placement and mounting of their new surveillance systems. With that said, no two homes are alike and while cable will be provided with your system, you may want to purchase more just to make sure that you have enough to run the distance of where you plan to mount your camera. And if you buy more cabling, please be sure to also purchase a wire cutter if you don’t already have one.

Installing Your Security Camera

Our best tips for installing your new surveillance camera include:

  • Testing your camera’s field of vision before permanently installing it. Many a homeowner has had to unmount a camera after discovering that it isn’t fully recording its targeted locations. Or, worse, a vision field is being obstructed by a tree, heavy shadows, etc. Test yours out before you make the final install, please!
  • Mount your cameras at least 10-12 feet high in order to prevent accidental mishaps (like family members and visitors bumping into it) and criminal tampering.
  • Place your surveillance camera’s DVR in a place where it can easily be connected to its power supply and your home’s Internet connection without being tripped over, needing to be moved, etc.

Be Patient

The first time installing a security camera isn’t very hard, but you may have a few challenges in the beginning. Plan for this and be very patient with yourself. While most people can do a DIY security camera installation in a matter of hours, we suggest giving yourself an entire weekend if you’ve never done it before. Doing so will ensure that you have enough time to spend on the project from start to finish without becoming frustrated.

Can We Help You?

Still have questions about installing a home security camera? Or perhaps you need help on selecting a camera or an entire home security system? We’re always here for you, so feel free to reach out at any time!

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