Useful Tips For Installing a Security Camera

Installing a DIY security camera isn’t difficult at all. Doing so does require a bit of thoughtful planning, though. For whichever security camera system you purchase, detailed instructions will be made available, but we thought we’d offer a few tried and true tips to help your installation go as smoothly as possible.

Here's what you really need to know before installing a home security camera.

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Before You Buy Your New Security Camera

We told you that your security camera installation calls for a bit of pre-planning, so let’s start with what you’ll need to know before you even make a purchase like:

  • What is the width of the viewing angle you need the camera to record? Note that high millimeter cameras give you a narrow view while low millimeter cameras give wider views. If you’re not quite sure which one you need, go with a vari-focal camera, which can be adjusted manually.
  • How many cameras will you need? Take some time to walk around your home and carefully decide how many cameras you plan to place where. We strongly suggest you consider placing cameras where every exterior door can be viewed, as well as windows and all pathways leading into your home. Don’t forget about your driveway and garage!
  • Select the camera best suited for the environment where it will be installed. Cameras intended for indoor use should never be used outdoors. And if you’re buying an outdoor camera, be sure to read our post on IP ratings before making your purchase.
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