How Secure Are Your Window Locks?

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Specialized Window Locks Mean Better Home Security

Window locks are easy to ignore when considering home security. In many instances, people believe the simple act of closing windows and using a manufacturer’s locking mechanism to be enough. What few realize is that most built-in window locks can still be opened by an intruder. It is, therefore, important to have additional locks installed on every window in the home in order to secure them against break-ins.

Windows: The Front Lines Of Home Security

Be they locked or not, most criminals access homes through doors and windows. For most of us, this information is neither surprising, nor is it news. It is likely that most of us observe routines of locking these entry points as common sense approaches to home security. Just as additional locks should be applied to doors, however, security experts agree that specialized window locks should also be installed in order to prevent intruders from bypassing standard locks.

Manufacturer Window Locks

The standard locks that come pre-installed on windows are often easy for burglars to manipulate. By either prying a lock open or applying just enough pressure to a window for its lock to separate and allow room for the window to slide, criminals specializing in home break-ins often consider such windows to be easy targets.

Specialized Window Locks

Your home security rep can introduce you to locks that have been specially designed to keep intruders out. For sliding glass windows and doors (such as patio doors), pin locks should be installed. With these locks, a pin-sized hole is drilled at the top of the window or patio door where two panes meet. A thin pin is then positioned inside of the hole when the window is closed in order to keep the panes from sliding to open. While these locks are fairly simple in operation, they are very effective in keeping criminals out. Other window locks include bolt locks, which require a key to open or secure the window, can also be installed.

Make Window Locks a Priority

How many window locks secure the glass entry points in your home? Are all of yours protected or are you relying on the simple latches that came with your windows to protect you? If so, we strongly encourage you to explore the many options that are available to you and make securing your windows with new locks a serious priority.

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