Secure Your Home With a Keyless Entry System

keyless entry system

Controlled Access

A keyless entry system is the best way to protect your locks from being picked, bumped or otherwise compromised. Without a key to steal or a keyhole to tamper with, burglars are hard pressed to find a way to enter your home through your front door with a lock that so strictly limits access.

A couple of the most common keyless entry systems that you may want to speak to your home security rep about include:

Biometric Systems

These locks respond to your unique fingerprint. Of course, they can be programmed for every member of the home, so no one but the bad guys will ever be locked out of the house.

Keypad Controlled Locks

Without knowing a unique alpha-numeric code needed to unlock the door’s system, a burglar is smooth out of luck. These locks can be reprogrammed to accommodate a new code anytime someone moves out of the home, too. This means that you never again have to change locks when a roommate moves out or if a key is lost.

Keyless Entry Systems Add Style To a Home

In addition to being a practical security solution, keyless entry systems also add high-tech style to a home. Just because something is necessary and functional doesn’t mean that aesthetics have to be ignored. Most systems come in sleek designs to complement a home’s a modern decor.

Keyless Entry Systems Are Affordable Home Security

Burglar alarms are usually the first devices that will come to a person’s mind when thinking about better home security. Rarely do people think of minor and affordable DIY solutions like changing the locks on a front door or even better securing a door against force. Likewise, most do not think outside of traditional locks to investigate ways to better control access to a home.

Access Denied

Whether biometric or keypad designs, keyless entry systems are one of the best ways to keep burglars at bay. Other very high quality locks do exist and many even advertise their anti-theft capabilities. However, no matter how sturdy or strong, old-fashioned locks requiring a key can always be opened if that key is ever lost or stolen. With controlled access locks, a key does not exist and, therefore, that avenue is completely closed to a criminal. Without your fingerprint or your unique passcode, entry is strictly denied.

For more information on how to obtain these locks, install them or have one installed for you contact your home security representative right away.

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