How to Remodel Your Home Without Compromising Security

Now that spring has sprung, you may be thinking about ways to remodel your home. Whether you’re just adding a spare bathroom or have plans to update your entire home, we want you to think about security and safety every step of the way. Today, we’ve come to share a few useful tips that will help you remodel your home without raising the likelihood of theft or burglary during the process.

Here's how to make security a priority as you remodel your home.

(Photo Credit: Flickr, Stephen Harris)

Is a Burglar Watching You Remodel Your Home?

Dry sunny days typically represent more work for construction crews and private contractors. Even DIYers seem to get a boost of energy from the sun’s rays at this time of year. Unfortunately, according to the federal government, burglars also look forward to increasing their work opportunities at this time of year. Be mindful of this as you remodel your home…when things are in a disarray, thieves will play!

Keep a Watchful Eye on Materials

Thieves can get a pretty penny for things “found” on a construction site. Unattended power tools, household fixtures, copper wiring and new appliances are pretty much irresistible to a thief. Remember, that many burglaries are committed by people addicted to drugs and items like this represent a quick sale, which is precisely what these types are looking for. So, protect your home by putting these items away when they’re not in use.

Keep a Watchful Eye on Workers

Don’t merely trust people because they are a part of a crew working on your home. Remember, many criminals have perfectly respectable day jobs, but are not above working an extra shift ripping you off! When I was a teenager, our home was once burglarized by someone who worked with our gardener.

We’ve offered tips before on hiring people to help with DIY projects and the same rules apply to hiring other people to work in and around your home. Watch workers helping to remodel your home carefully and don’t put anything past anyone…ever.

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