Quick Personal Security Tips For Busy People

Everyone can use a few personal security tips. Some will act as a reminder of what you already know and others will give you food for thought on protecting yourself while you move about the world. Busy people, in particular, need to pay attention to the following personal security tips as we can sometimes find ourselves so absorbed in our busyness that we make ourselves targets for theft and violent crime.

Consider these as you go about your daily lives:

1. Lock Your Car Door Before Checking Your Phone

We’ve all done it. You hop in your car and immediately rush to return a phone call, check your email or send a quick text message before pulling off. Criminals know this and will often prey on people too busy to notice the danger lurking close by. The next time you find yourself doing this, notice where your attention is, stop and redirect it to your safety before you begin tapping away on your phone. Locking your car door is recommended, but if you really want to increase personal safety, strap your seatbelt on and start the ignition before returning your attention to your phone. By doing so, you’ll be more secure and ready to take off in a hurry should you need to.

2. Keep Your Headphone Volume Low When Walking In Public

I love listening to podcasts, audiobooks and music at dangerously high level when I’m out and about. Doing so helps me focus on the content I’m listening to or just tune the world out while I’m thinking of a master plan. What I’ve actually come to realize, however, is that blocking all outside noises out also blocks out noises that I need to hear such as someone approaching me, sirens or even a dog who is ready to attack. No need to abandon your headphones altogether, but join me in lowering the volume just enough so that we aren’t so oblivious to the outside world and possible threats lurking in our midst.

3. Carry Personal Protection and Deterrents

Research the local laws in your state about carrying mace or pepper spray. If you have to walk in dark or secluded areas, keep a whistle on your keychain or even a personal alarm just in case you have to frighten an animal or an assailant off. Talk to your home security expert to inquire about other personal security items, which can be carried in a purse, pocket or on a keychain and train yourself to keep these items close at hand at all times when you’re out in public.

4. Carry a Small Amount of ‘Just In Case’ Cash

Most of us carry plastic for purchases these days. Doing so is a good way to protect cash and track spending, but only carrying cash might also contribute to a personal security risk. There have been numerous news reports about thieves who’ve committed bodily harm after attempting to rob someone who didn’t have any cash to offer. While this tip may sound crazy, keeping a small amount of cash on you just in case you’re ever in such a sticky situation may mean the difference between life and death.

5. Embrace Fear

Too often we ignore our gut feelings about something, especially when we’re busy trying to accomplish tasks that need to be done pronto. Taking a moment to embrace our fears, however, may actually protect us. When you feel fear rising out of a certain situation, don’t chase it out of your mind, but embrace it and listen to what it’s trying to tell you. Don’t be so busy that you ignore instincts that are wired into your brain for a reason– namely to protect you!

Want To Add a Tip?

Do you have specific personal security concerns? Do you have a tip or two that you’d like to share? We love hearing from you and look forward to your thoughts about personal security tips for busy people in the space reserved for you below.

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