Protect Your Home With Thorny Bushes

Looking for a natural way to protect your home? Thorny bushes are your answer! We’ve curated a list of some of the most prickly plants and flowers that you can position around your windows in an effort to keep intruders out.

Thorny Rose Bush

Protect your home with thorny bushes like beautiful roses!

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Having thorny bushes around your home doesn’t have to be an eyesore. As one of the most beautiful flowers anywhere, a thorny rose can still pack a powerful punch. And there are plenty of varieties to choose from like the Chaenomeles cathayensis which is as gorgeous as it is one that intruders will want to avoid tangling with!

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

Protect your home with thorny bushes like mother in law's tongue!

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Known in some parts of the world as Saint George’s sword, this perennial plant is known for its sharp and pointed edges. When planning which home to burglarize, most people with common sense will want to avoid being poked and scratched by plants like this one.

Stinging Bull Nettle

Protect your home with thorny bushes like Stinging Bull Nettle!

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The name alone sounds pretty dangerous, right? When this plant makes contact with bare skin it produces a stinging sensation and can even trigger a pretty severe skin rash. Ouch!

Sea Buckthorn

Protect your home with thorny bushes and plants like Sea Buckthorn!

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When looking for thorny bushes and plants to protect your home, sturdiness should be a factor as much as beauty and function. The Sea Buckthorn hits all points as its branches are quite hard and thorny, while its leaves and berries offer rich color additions to a landscape.

Zanthoxylum planispinum

(Photo Credit: Evan Bench,

(Photo Credit: Evan Bench,

Add the right bush from this family to your yard and the sharp thorns of its base will loudly and very clearly tell burglars to, “keep out”! Celebrated for their prickly trunks, some varieties of this plant are even called Prickly Ash.

Naturally Protect Your Home

Seems nature hates thievery as much as we do! In addition to using your burglar alarm for home security, these lovely but thorny bushes and plants are a great way to deter criminals. When looking for ways to protect your home you can never have too many options, right?

We do want to issue a little word of caution on using thorny bushes to protect your home, though. If you have young children, it’s important to educate them on the importance of steering clear of these plants as some of them, especially the Stinging Bull Nettle, can be quite dangerous to the touch. Others can also present a serious health hazard if chewed or ingested. You may want to consult with a botanical specialists before using these or any other thorny bushes to protect your home.

Which Thorny Bushes Do You Recommend?

There are so many beautiful landscaping options that can also help protect your home. We would love to be able to list them all, but time just won’t permit. With that said, we’re turning the floor over to you now in the hopes that you’ll share even more ways to deter burglars with thorny bushes, flowers and plants. So, tell us…which ones do you use to protect your home and how well is the natural approach to home security working for you?

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