Plan Ahead: 5 Steps to Beat the Odds


Beat the Odds



Plan ahead to Prevent Crime

Take the initiative and plan ahead so that your home doesn’t become easy pickings. A few simple steps, put into place, can save you from becoming a victim. To plan ahead effectively, do some research, invest a weekend’s worth of time and make some well thought-out changes.

Step 1: Get Expert Advice

Your local police aren’t just in the business of responding to crime. They want to stop crime before it happens. Local police stations offer free security assessments for your home. When you plan ahead, a crime prevention officer can survey your property and will help you determine what security steps to implement.

A recent trend in police practices, community policing, has officers assigned to neighborhood beats. The purpose of this is to build relationships with the residents. By walking instead of driving through the neighborhood or setting up community safety workshops, these officers interact with the locals. If this is available where you live, get to know the officers who patrol your neighborhood. Successful community policing is linked to lower crime rates, healthier communities and reduced break-ins.

Step 2: Face the Facts

Take a long hard look at your home. Imagine that you’re a crook. Now take a walk through your property, looking for anything that might make your house a target. Are there windows left open, do you secure your sliding glass doors? How about your garage? Look online for information, articles like you’ll find on Safe Residence. Read them and ask Google for more information. Arm yourself with knowledge and then move on to the next step.

Step 3: Beef up Security

You can plan ahead and increase home security by improving visual and actual deterrents. Big Security Company signs, prominently placed, show that you’ve upped your security. Surveillance cameras, removal of hiding places – think shrubs and bushes –  and improved outdoor lighting also make it clear that you’ve done so.

Step 4: Safeguard Your Possessions

The items most often targeted by burglars are usually those things easiest to sell or pawn. High end electronics, latest technology – that huge flat screen TV. Jewellery, game consoles and cash – even the family silver.

Some things of a personal or sentimental value can never be replaced but if you have everything well documented, the financial knock will be lessened. Creating your personal inventory is an important step when you plan ahead

So take photos of all your valuables and when appropriate, list their model and serial numbers too. Some experts suggest engraving items with an identifier such as your driver’s license number. Don’t use your social security number as used to be advised – ID theft is a rising epidemic!


Step 5: Alarm Your Home

The ultimate step to plan ahead is getting a home alarm system. Do you already have an alarm system in place? Why not have it evaluated by a professional. Technology is continually evolving and a top-notch system five years ago could probably use an upgrade. Plan ahead and add some extra layers to your security system. The industry is continually responding to demands and as crooks learn how to foil one barrier, there’s an even better one introduced.

Does this all sound a bit paranoid to you?

It isn’t…  Odds are good that one of your friends or even a family member has been the target of crime. Eight out of twelve Americans become victims of a crime at least once in their lifetime.  Plan ahead and don’t become a statistic.


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