Pets Triggering Your Alarm System?


Many homeowners have concerns about a family pet triggering an alarm system. This is understandable, especially for homeowners who use motion-detection sensors while sleeping or away from home. So, what is the best way to avoid these accidental alarms? The answer lies in a technology known as passive infrared (PIR) sensors.

What Are PIR Sensors?

If you are a pet owner, an alarm with PIR sensors is a must for your house. Home security systems featuring this technology are able to measure body heat in such a way as to tell the difference between humans and animals. The sensors actually compare the heat generated from a moving being against that of the room’s ambient temperature in order to determine whether the difference in heat is being generated by an animal (or insect) and a human being. Such sensors come in handy for anyone concerned about a furry family member triggering an alarm while human residents are away. False alarms, after all, can be quite costly in some areas.

PIR Sensors and Pet-Free Homes

Pet-free homeowners should also consider a home security system with PIR sensors. This technology is also featured in motion-detected lighting and other motion-activated systems. Used in these ways, PIR systems help keep energy bills low as they are not triggered each time a stray animal, bird or large insect crosses a sensor’s path.

Optimizing Home Security With PIR Sensors

Whether shopping for a new alarm system or upgrading and expanding an existing one, speak to your security company about PIR sensors. It should be noted that this technology is also sometimes referred to as pet immune sensors. Regardless of name, these sensors are worthy of the consideration of anyone interested in optimizing home security with the best technology available on the market.

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