Personal Security Gifts

Give a personal security gift to someone you love and help protect them from evil criminals. We live in an era where no one is really safe in public or at home. While we all hope that we never have to fight for our lives or to protect a loved one or even to protect personal property, if luck ever runs out it’s far better to be prepared than not. Personal security gifts help with that ‘just in case’ preparation, so consider which of these might be right for you or a loved one:

1. Pepper Spray

When under attack, a spritz of pepper in the face irritates the mucous membranes enough to distract a criminal and allow an individual time to escape or better position themselves to fight back. We highly recommend the former if that choice exists. Pepper spray products currently on the market come in a variety of shapes and sizes with some even attaching to keychains and cellphone covers so that they are always within reach when needed. Its use is not legal everywhere and, even where it is, some restrictions may apply.

2. Stun Gun

Years ago, my aunt owned a stun gun that was a big clunky scary device. I still remember the crackling sound it made when she showed it to us and I’ve never wanted to be on the business end of one. These days, I still wouldn’t want to be stunned by one, but it is worth noting that they are a lot less bulky than they once were. In fact, some are shaped to look like cellphones, batons, walking canes and small square devices which can be easily palmed in the hand. Like pepper spray, a stun gun is designed to disable an attacker long enough to allow for escape. Also like pepper spray, however, its legalities vary from state to state and even from city to city.

3. Self-Defense Classes

This personal security tool is available and legal everywhere. Most are martial arts based classes, which can prepare people of all sizes, ages and genders to fight an attacker with varying degrees of success if such an unfortunate time ever arises. Check with some of the self-defense training centers in the area where your gift recipient lives to inquire about prepaying for classes or purchasing gift certificates.

A Word of Caution Before Purchasing Personal Security Gifts

Whichever security gadget you choose, please check state and local laws for their legality before making your purchase. Laws change often, so even if you think you already know which ones pertain to you, double-check for verification. You may also want to speak to a home security expert, as well as a personal safety expert on the correct ways to use the security device(s) you choose.

An Important Layer of Protection

A general theme around these parts is to layer security. That is, to create enough barriers of defense to deter a criminal who’d rather select an easier target. In this regard, home security and personal security work hand-in-hand. Both help thoughts center on safety and an awareness on how to best create such. Both also send a signal to others that you have taken precautions to thwart crime and that you are vigilant about its possible presence around you.

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