Dangerous Home Security Attitudes

Do You Have a Dangerous Home Security Attitude? Have you ever assured someone that your home is safe from burglary because you have a vicious attack dog, a firearm or even because someone is always on watch at your house? Don’t worry, we’re not here to reprimand you (much), but we do want to highlight

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

    Making Crooks Uncomfortable  Although elements of CPTED are referred to individually in security applications, the complete CPTED is the right way it should be implemented. This theory, popular in modern crime prevention, promotes modifying existing environments in order to influence human behavior. CPTED objectives are to create a distinct sense of discomfort for

Home Monitoring Advice

Are You Monitoring Your Home? Who’s keeping an eye on your home while you are away? Whether your home is completely empty when you leave or whether you rely on a nanny or a housekeeper to perform varied duties– shouldn’t you know what is going on under your roof 24/7? No matter whether you’re at

3 Ways Techno-Burglars Know You

      The Techno-Burglar We’ve been taught about the average burglar. He follows definite patterns, has been profiled thousands of times and influences many of the security decisions we make. But recently a new breed of burglar has surfaced. Sure, there aren’t many around yet but in the light of recent successes, there’ll be

Coming Through the Roof!

    A Hole Through the Roof Alison P couldn’t believe her eyes. Arriving home from work one afternoon, she found her bedroom ransacked and her collection of heirloom jewellery gone. Shocked and more than a little afraid, Alison retreated down the stairs  and outside to call the police. But how had the thief gotten

Apartment Security

Apartment Security Is Still Home Security Apartment security is a topic that is sometimes ignored. This is because people often think that renters cannot install or use security equipment at a residence that they do not own. Luckily, this is not true and apartment dwellers do have many of the same home security options that

Weatherproof vs Weather-Resistant Home Security Devices

Should I Buy a Waterproof Or a Water-Resistant Surveillance Camera? If you plan to use outdoor surveillance, be sure to verify that the system’s cameras are intended for outdoor use and, yes, they should be either waterproof or water-resistant. To decide whether you need a waterproof camera or simply a water-resistant one, consider how much

The Hidden Costs of Home Burglary

    Limiting Hidden Costs Housebreaking is a growing problem in the United States, stretching law enforcement agencies to the limits. By unlawfully entering your home and removing your personal possessions, burglars give you the opportunity to experience the hidden costs of burglary first-hand. The scare tactics used in advertisements by the insurance and home