Outdoor Lighting Adds Beauty and Security

Concerns About Exterior Lighting

The right outdoor lighting can add a touch of elegance and security to your home.

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One of the main concerns people have about outdoor lighting is the cost of using it on a nightly basis. This is why we strongly recommend the use of motion-detected lighting, which only turns on when movement is nearby and turns off shortly after the movement ceases. This sort of lighting not only helps save on energy bills, but can also act as a visual alarm if an intruder is nearby. If you already have lighting installed that will not accommodate motion-detection technology or even if you prefer to use specific lamps that don’t work in that way, still consider using a mix of traditional lighting and motion-detection lighting to illuminate and protect your home.

We also recommend solar lighting options which rely on energy from the sun to store and power exterior lighting. Many such options are available for motion-detected lighting, which make them a double money-saver. Whether cost is a concern or you are merely conscientious about conserving energy, solar motion-detected outdoor lighting is definitely worth looking into.

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(Photo Credit: Jason Puddephatt, Flickr.com)

How Do You Use Outdoor Lighting?

Tell us about your outdoor lighting. Are you currently using motion-detected lighting, bright security lamps or a combination of both? What can you share with our readers about your lighting choices and how they’ve served you throughout time? We never consider a post finished until we hear from you, so please take a moment to leave your thoughts, opinions and questions in the space provided below.

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