Do You Need an Alarm Permit?

Before you install a home security system, check with your local municipality to find out if you need an alarm permit. In an effort to cut down on the number of false alarms, many jurisdictions now require homeowners to obtain a permit before a burglar alarm is approved and recognized. Residents who do not obtain a permit where one is required are often subject to fines in the event that a false alarm is triggered. And in some instances, police and fire departments are not required to respond to an alarm that has not been approved by a permit.

Knowledge is Power

Determining whether you need an alarm permit is as easy as calling your local police department to inquire about the process. You may also find a local home security expert through our site for information on the different types of alarms that can be installed at your home and the local laws governing each. Understand that permits may apply to individual burglar alarms, fire alarms, environmental alarms and any other type, which may require a visit from local emergency personnel if the alarm is ever triggered.

Alarm Permit or Alarm License?

If you plan on having your alarm monitored (and you definitely should), make certain that the monitoring company you select is licensed and that all of their permits are also up to date. Their permits will be different from the ones that you need as a homeowner, but outdated permits and licenses on their end may also result in fines. Without proper permits, some jurisdictions even allow for an alarm to be ignored by a local police department, so do make sure that all of your records are up to date and that all necessary permits are renewed in a timely manner.

Avoid Fines By Getting an Alarm Permit

With so many different alarms on the market now, it is more important than ever to apprise yourself of the local laws affecting home security systems in your area. As enthusiasm for DIY home security and home automation continues to grow, some consumers may not be aware of local ordinances and will be rudely awakened when fined for a false alarm. We don’t want that to happen to any of our readers, which is why we highly recommend you first speaking to your local police department and also contacting a local home security company before purchasing or expanding your home security system.

Alarm Permit On an Existing Home Security System

If you have an existing alarm system and you aren’t certain whether you have a permit or not, please call your local authorities today. It is entirely possible that your system was installed prior to laws going into effect in your area and if you’re no longer under contract with a home security company, you may not be aware of important changes. Such does not exempt you from needing an alarm permit, nor does it mean that your system is in compliance with local requirements, so please call your local authorities today.

Questions and Comments Welcome

Do you have questions about obtaining an alarm permit? Have you recently acquired a permit and have useful information to share with our readers? Your input just may save someone else money and headache, so please take a few moments to share what you know in the space provided below.

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