Moving Day and Home Security


Moving soon? While packing and logistics are sure to be on the forefront of your mind, don’t forget to factor a home security checklist of sorts into your plans. The following are just a few ideas to help you maximize good home security in your new location.

Immediately Change Your Locks

One of the first rules of home security is to limit and control the access that outsiders have to your home. Most people readily agree with this logic, but overlook changing their locks when moving into a new house or apartment. A failure to do so, however, leaves new residents at the mercy of former occupants…and whomever they’ve shared keys with.

Check Your New Home’s Perimeter

While you probably knew every possible entrance, nook and cranny around your former home, you’re going to need to now focus your attention on these same areas in your new one. We suggest taking a good long look around your new home’s perimeter and specifically looking for places where a burglar may hide or enter without being noticed. Some places to pay close attention to are shrubs that surround windows and doors, as well as any crawlspaces that may be unsecured. Think for a moment, if you were a criminal, where could you most easily enter the home without calling attention to yourself?

Contact Your Home Security Company

When you move, your security system and alarm monitoring should move with you. As soon as you legally take possession of your new home, call your alarm company to begin the process of moving your alarm and other security devices, such as surveillance cameras and security lighting. Double check to be sure that your information is also updated with your alarm monitoring service, too.

Supervise Movers and Service People

Although moving takes a lot of physical energy and mental focus, it isn’t an excuse to let your guard down on home security. With this in mind, it is very important that you closely monitor and supervise all of the movers and service people going in and out of your home. In addition to watching them while they are on the premises, be sure to check for unlocked doors and windows after they’ve left. More than one person has been burglarized by a service person who purposely left a bathroom window cracked or a side door unlocked with the purpose of returning later while a homeowner is absent. Remember, burglars aren’t always bad guys hanging out in dark alleys. Many of them have day jobs with clean cut looks and crisp uniforms.

Time to Automate

Moving into a new house, apartment or condo is a good time to also think about how many home security devices you can automate. While arranging furniture and decorating rooms, consider which lighting options you can automate by pre-scheduling on and off times or even operating remotely by using your smartphone. Your burglar alarm and all of your surveillance cameras should also be updated to the latest technologies that allow you to remotely monitor each of these systems.

Share Your Best Advice

These are but a few useful tips and ideas to help guide you through a safe and secure moving day. As there’s so much more to consider, we hope that you will chime in with your own ideas and suggestions in the comments section below. Have you recently moved? How did you handle transferring or establishing new home security gadgets? What lessons did you learn in the process and do you have any advice to share?

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