Make Guests Feel Welcome In Your Home

Make Guests Feel Welcome and Safe

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We all strive to make guests feel comfortable in our homes. From drop-in visitors to overnight guests, everyone should feel like they are in a welcoming and safe residence. While you may go out of your way to prepare a special meal and to make sure that your spare bedroom is stocked with clean linens and towels, there are a few very minor, but important, details that you might overlook, such as:

Make Your WiFi Passcode Visible

There’s a meme floating around the Internet that asks how long after you enter someone’s home is it acceptable to ask for their WiFi passcode? This is funny because we’ve all been there. Why not make accessing the web easy on your guests by simply placing your WiFi passcode in a visible space in your home. You can even take a cue from Pinterest and place it in a nice frame for an added touch of style!

Keep Extra Phone Charging Cords For Visitors

Everyone–even your grandmother–carries a wireless device these days! The worst thing in the world is being at someone’s house and realizing that your battery is dying, but you don’t have a charging cord with you. Why not be that friend who’s able to stop a meltdown by keeping a few charging cord for the most popular mobile devices handy for guest’s visits?

Have a Guest Computer or Laptop

Your computer is part of your personal space, right? For many of us, it’s a portal to work, play and even plays a role in our social life. While you don’t mind letting a friend use your computer for a quick search or a reservation, you probably do mind if they begin to hog it for random surfing or social networking. The simple solution here is to keep a guest pc or laptop in good working condition and allow friends and family to use it at will.

Store Toilet Paper In the Bathroom

Most of our tips for making guests feel welcome in your home have been of the high-tech variety. But we mustn’t forget an important low-tech one like keeping extra toilet paper stored in the bathroom. Some of you do this already, but for those of you who keep toilet paper elsewhere in the home, please make sure that a few rolls are always on hand in your bathroom cabinet to save your guests the embarrassment of having to ask!

Provide Guests With a Passcode For Your Alarm System

Home security is of the utmost importance to us, so we couldn’t let you go before offering the critical tip of supplying guests with a temporary alarm passcode during their stay in your home. Most systems allow you to have a main passcode that you and your family will use regularly, but also program a temporary code for day workers, dog walkers and honored guests. Supplying visitors with a code will help reduce false alarms and give everyone peace of mind.

Over to You

Have you any special tips for making guests feel welcome in your home? We’re counting on you to finish this post by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below. And don’t forget to check out our security system reviews before you go. Your guests should not only feel welcomed in your home…but they should also feel secure!

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