Lost Keys? Here’s How to Never Be Locked Out of Your Home Again!

Install Smartlocks

The most reliable way to ensure that you’re never facing a crisis involving lost keys is to install a smartlock on your front door. Thanks to smartlock technology, keys become a thing of the past so you never have to worry about losing or misplacing them again. Just like security alarms, smartlocks can also be installed as a DIY project and some are quite a bit more affordable than what they once were. Depending upon the brand and model you buy, you will then be able to unlock your door with either your fingerprint or a secret passcode. With some, you can even use your smartphone or tablet to unlock the door for you!

Smarlocks make lost keys a non-issue! Find out more at SafeResidence.com.

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A Warning About Lost Keys

Whatever you do, DO NOT hide a key anywhere on your premises. Whether it’s stored inside of a fake rock, placed under a real one or buried in a planter somewhere, thieves are well aware of these favorite hideaways for people who’ve lost keys and need an emergency spare to get inside a home. Ditto for those popular magnetic key holders that allow you to hide a spare key under your car!

Your Advice

Have you lost keys to your house before? How did you get inside of your home? Do you have any advice or tips to share with our readers? We’re leaving the comments section open and can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Lost keys? These tips from SafeResidence.com can help!

(Photo Credit: Samuel van Dijk, Flickr.com)

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