Lost Keys? Here’s How to Never Be Locked Out of Your Home Again!

The nightmare of lost keys is one that every homeowner hopes to avoid. Still, no matter how we try to keep track of our house keys, those little things sometimes get away from us and we’re forced to hunt for ways to get into our homes without them. The problem with doing so is not just inconvenience, but entering our own homes without proper keys often results in a locksmith’s bill, property damage or even serious security breaches. For example, when you’re locked out of your home you may be relieved that your bathroom window just takes a few shakes to unlock and opens just wide enough for you to climb inside, but this isn’t exactly something you want watchful neighbors or passersby to know, too! (And, by all means, please invest in better window locks!)

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Don’t let lost keys lock you out of your home ever again. Try these tips, instead:

Whom Do You Trust?

Leave a key with a trusted family member or a close friend who lives nearby. Just be sure that this is someone you know very well and whom you’d authorize to enter your home without your supervision at any time for any number of reasons. If this person is trustworthy and responsible–and if they live close enough to help when you’re dealing with lost keys–then by all means, leave a spare with this person right away.

Carry a Spare

Always carry a spare set of keys in your purse or wallet. If you have a mobile phone case that allows you to carry credit cards and cash, this can also be a good place to stash a spare key. This tip comes in handy…provided, of course, that you don’t also lose your purse or wallet along with your lost keys!


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