How a Video Intercom Might Save Your Life

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Use a Two-Way Video Intercom To Beef Up Security

Installing a two-way video intercom at your home might literally save your life. This is not an exaggeration, either. If you’ve paid any attention at all to recent news stories about home invasions, then you already know how many have happened in broad daylight and how many have begun with an innocent knock on the door.

A Video Intercom May Have Saved This Man’s Life

This weekend, I had dinner with a person just hours after they’d attended a funeral. The deceased was a husband and father in his mid-thirties with a promising entertainment career and who was beloved by his family and many in the community. Unfortunately, this man’s life was cut short after a knock on the door of his home that fateful morning.

According to the person who told me the story, the man and his wife were at home with their young son on an ordinary weekday morning. Believing that the unexpected visitor was likely a salesperson of some sort, the door was opened as criminals then forced their way inside. While I cannot offer details on what happened next, I’m told that the man was shot and killed, his wife was also wounded by a gunshot and police found the couple’s young child hiding inside the home after their arrival.

A Neighbor’s Video Surveillance Is Nice, But…

In researching the story online, I found that a neighbor possibly had a surveillance camera, which may help in the investigation. This is good news. But imagine if the family had had a two-way video intercom themselves. Imagine if they could have communicated with whomever was at their front door without actually having to approach the door to answer it. How differently might this whole story have played out?

Is a Video Intercom Necessary In a ‘Safe Neighborhood’?

I should also note that it took me several minutes to verify some of the details of this story since it wasn’t as easy to find in an online search as one might think. See, Google returned a number of other similar results around the same time period and in the same state. Yes, folks, this sort of thing is just that common.

When I did finally find the right story, I was not surprised to hear eyewitness and neighbor accounts of how unexpected such an event was. Several shared how safe they’ve always felt that their neighborhood was. I’m not being callous when I say that I wasn’t surprised, but having blogged about home security for a couple of years now, I know that this sort of thing can happen anywhere…and that there are no such things as so-called ‘safe neighborhoods’.

How a Video Intercom Works

A two-way video intercom allows you to not only see who is at your front door, but it also allows you to remotely communicate with that person without having to actually open the door. Most systems will also record and timestamp visits, as well as take still photos. Created to double as home automation devices, some video intercom systems will even allow you to remotely unlock the front door in order to grant entry to approved visitors. As a home security device, a video intercom is recommended for every home, but this latter feature makes it ideal for the elderly, people who are convalescing or for people who are too busy to stop and physically open the door for a familiar visitor.

A Video Intercom Is Affordable Home Security

While devices like these have been standard in the homes of the very wealthy almost since their invention, today’s video intercom systems are priced low enough for just about every homeowner to afford. If you are interested in having one installed at your home, just ask your security expert about the different brands and features that are available to you. Don’t wait until tragedy strikes close to home to decide that a video intercom system is the way to go. Be smart and have one installed at your home right away.

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