Home Security Tips For a Safe and Happy Halloween

Practical home security tips can help you enjoy a safe and happy Halloween. While burglars look forward to wearing disguises to work, you should be preparing to keep them away. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the day, too, just that you need to be extra vigilant. So take a moment to review these Halloween home security tips before the big day arrives:

1. Stay Home

If you’ve made plans to go out and enjoy a few festivities, by all means, get out there and have fun. However, if you were planning on escaping trick-or-treaters by hiding out in a movie theater or something until the Halloween fervor dies down, please don’t. This day is a perfect one for criminals to go to work. After all, who will pay much attention to someone in a cat burglar get up on that day? And how many of your neighbors will bat an eye when a costumed person walks toward your house? Point being that this date is a good one for thieves, so find something to occupy your time at home and avoid leaving your house unattended on Halloween.

(Flickr, Marshall Astor)

(Flickr, Marshall Astor)

2. Keep Your Alarm On

Whether you’re going out or staying in– passing out treats or not, your alarm system should not be disarmed. Most modern alarms allow you to open a designated door (some for a preset number of minutes) without triggering the alarm’s siren. Read your manual or call your home security company if you need help on setting this feature, but, by all means, keep your system armed. The last thing that you want is for someone to distract you at your front door while a sneaky criminal makes his way inside through another portal.

3. Light It Up

Your house, that is. If you’re handing treats out, this is a given. Even if you’re not, though, you want your home’s perimeter to be well-lit in order to eliminate that cloak of darkness that a costumed burglar may be looking for. Place a sign at your home’s entrance if you’re not giving candy away…and be verrrrry nice in your wording so that you don’t get a “trick” in exchange for no treats.

(Flickr,  Steven Depolo)

(Flickr, Steven Depolo)

4. Don’t Allow Anyone Inside

If you wouldn’t allow a stranger inside your home to use the bathroom, use your telephone or whatever, then Halloween isn’t the time to change your house rules. We’ve talked about some of the phony emergencies crooks will sometimes use to gain access to your home and Halloween seems to be as good a time as any for them to try this tactic out. Don’t fall for the okey-doke– no strange visitors allowed inside!

5. Stage an Outdoor Giveaway

Unless it’s freezing cold, snowing or raining, you may want to think about staging an outdoor area where you can pass treats out. Not only is it safer for young trick-or-treaters to not approach strange front doors, but this practice is also a matter of good home security. So, think about decorating a treat table and dragging out a lawn chair or two to enjoy the parade of costumes from your own front row seat.

Your Ideas Are Welcome Here

Would you like to elaborate on any of the tips offered here? What are some of your home security tips for Halloween? While you’re commenting below, feel free to add any personal security tips for that day, too.

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