Spring Clean Your Way to Better Home Security

SafeResidence offers tips on adding home security to your spring cleaning checklist!

(Photo Credit: Jeremy Levine, Flickr.com)

Building solid home security should be a year-round endeavor and a good spring cleaning is an opportunity to boost your focus even more. What does spring cleaning have to do with home security, you ask? Well, you’ll see in just a moment as we present some ways to merge your efforts to include both!

1. Clear Debris From Your Yard

Criminals love good hiding places. If your yard has become a bit overgrown, you just may be providing space for the bad guys to lie in wait! As spring makes way for sunnier days, use one or two of them to clear excess debris away from common points of concern like doors, walkways and windows.

2. Clean Your Lighting Fixtures

Dusty lamps and bulbs can make it difficult for you to see at night. You may not be aware of the dust that has accumulated on these, but you’ll see the difference once you’ve given them a good wiping. Add cleaning fixtures and changing bulbs (if necessary) to your spring cleaning list in order to tighten your home security, overall!

3. Check Window Locks For Better Home Security

Windows are a preferred means of entry for many burglars. While spring cleaning, check and double-check each one of yours to make sure they’re in good working order and that they haven’t been tampered with. This is also a good time to make sure that your window sensors are properly secured and in good working order. We further recommend that you check out our post on window locks so that you’re not fooled into believing that the factory locks that came with your windows are enough to keep the bad guys out!

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