Home Security: Never Leave Home Without It

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Taking Home Security Seriously

When hitting the road, a lot of people don’t take home security seriously enough. But the empty abode of a traveler is a prime target for burglary. Sure, residents may lock their doors and windows and arm the burglar alarm…they may even ask a friend or neighbor to collect their mail while they’re gone. But few go beyond that and even fewer think about taking home security with them.

Escape the Cold With Home Security In Mind

If your inbox looks anything like mine, you’ve got a zillion offers from airlines and travel sites offering huge discounts on travel right now. With major storms happening throughout the country, no doubt people are itching to fly away to warmer climates even if they can only escape for a few days. A tropical location is undoubtedly a welcome respite, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare if home security is ignored.

Home Security That Travels With You

Wherever you go, you should feel safe when you lock your doors at night. A reliance on hotel security should only go so far, however. Far better is to carry your own security devices with you. For example, did you know that home security manufacturers make portable alarm systems that are completely wireless and that can be set up at a new location in just minutes?

A variety of other safe travel devices also exist, such as special door stops which sound an alarm whenever someone tries to enter a room without your permission. Your home security representative can tell you more about how these self-contained alarm systems work, but rest assured that they are small enough to travel with you in your luggage, are wireless and offer a strong layer of temporary home security while you’re on the road.

Home Security Tips While You Are Away

When preparing to go on vacation, keep details about your departure and arrival times to yourself or only share them with close friends and family members. In other words, unless you know your neighbors very well, there’s no need to advertise that you’ll be away. This, of course, because the neighborhood burglar could very well be your next door neighbor, the neighbor’s teenager, etc.

In addition to arming your alarm system, other tips for optimal home security while traveling include:

  • Pausing mail delivery until you return
  • Pausing newspaper delivery until you return
  • Making sure your home is monitored with a surveillance system (and preferably one that allows you to remotely check on your home while you’re away)
  • Using smarthome options for automatic lighting in and around your home (to give the impression that someone is at home, especially at night)
  • Making sure that your alarm system is monitored
  • Home Security = Peace of Mind

    Should you need more equipment in order to secure your home while you’re away or even to secure your hotel room or vacation rental while traveling, be sure to ask your home security rep about these and other options. Doing so helps to better ensure that your time away is without incident so that you can enjoy a more peaceful vacation.

    Your Home Security Stories Help

    We are always interested in learning from your home security experiences. Tell us, has your home ever been broken into while you were traveling? Have you ever faced a security threat while on vacation? If you have a story to tell or if you have any tips to add to this post, please be sure share them below.

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