Is Home Security Needed In a Good Neighborhood?

Some appear to be under the mistaken assumption that a home security system is not a high priority for people living in “good neighborhoods”. Presumably, good neighborhoods are those where people are neighborly toward one another, where property values are high and where good schools are plentiful. If I’m wrong about this definition, please let me know in the comments section below.

Which Areas Profit a Burglar More?

Imagine yourself a burglar just for a moment. Now, think about where you may have more success– in a so-called low income neighborhood or one where everyone makes six or seven figures or more? In which households do you think you’ll score higher priced items or cash and jewelry of significant value? Which residents do you think will carry themselves with a heightened sense of awareness about crime and in which neighborhood do you think residents may be more relaxed about it?

Now, if you imagined yourself a successful burglar– that is, one who works to perfect his craft, one who hopes to earn as much as possible per job and one who wants to work as far away from home as possible in order to lessen the likelihood of being recognized– then you probably chose a more affluent area to work in. You are not alone, either, as a lot of career criminals precisely target these types of areas. After all, if caught, the punishment is generally the same whether you burglarize an apartment in the inner-city or burglarize a mansion in Beverly Hills, California.

Crime In Beverly Hills, California

Speaking of Beverly Hills, I took a look at some of the crime statistics in that city recently. According to one monthly crime report for the month of August, 2014, there were a total of 24 burglaries in that city, as well as three robberies, two forcible rapes, 61 incidents of personal property thefts and six motor vehicle thefts. Mind you, this is in a single month in one of the most affluent cities in the United States.

Made famous in film and television by hits like The Beverly Hillbillies; Beverly Hills Cop; Beverly Hills, 90210; and even The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, this city is home to celebrities like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence and Eddie Murphy. In fact, the 100-room Beverly Hills mansion featured on the cover of this post is that of the late film and television producer Aaron Spelling. His widow sold that very home for an undisclosed amount, but it was originally listed for sale for $150 million and was purchased by billionaire heiress, Petra Ecclestone. Can we agree that neighborhoods don’t get much better than this one?

Burglaries Happen In Every Neighborhood

The point of this post is to show you that crime and home security breaches happen everywhere. And, while those living in “good neighborhoods” don’t have crime at the forefront of their minds every day, they are targeted for thefts and other crimes pretty regularly. Even though these neighborhoods feel safe and even though people may be a bit more relaxed about some of the tips we offer here, the fact still remains that most also have home security systems which include, at minimum, burglar alarms and surveillance cameras installed at their properties.

Stop Kidding Yourself and Protect Your Home, Instead

So, if you’re under the impression that your zip code all but exempts you from burglary and other crimes, please take a cue about home security from one of the most expensive zip codes in America– your home CAN fall into a criminal’s crosshairs. Please don’t ignore reality. There’s no need to become obsessive about home security or live your life in fear, but you should always seek to protect yourself against worst case scenarios, anyway. Contact a local home security expert right away to discuss the ways in which you can better secure your home, your valuables and your family, okay?

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