Home Security is a Good Investment



Is home security is a good investment?

Your home is your castle and the center of your family’s day-to-day life. That piece of real estate cost you a chunk of change and forms your family’s comfort zone and safe foundation.

Are you thinking that home security is an extravagance you don’t need? Insurance also isn’t appreciated until the day a tornado comes through town. Besides the obvious fact that break-ins are expensive, there are four other reasons why home security is a good investment.


Smarter home technology equals smaller bills

Sounds a little crazy, but yes, a security system can certainly help save energy and reduce your electricity bill. By integrating smarter home technology into security systems, security companies are providing a simple but effective way to reduce consumption and lower your utility bills.

Take for example, sensors fitted throughout your home. With these, your security system can detect if someone is home and save electricity by turning off lights when the house is empty. Modern home security is a good investment because it saves you money and helps reduce your energy usage at the same time.

No more worrying that you’ve left the heater on or forgotten to set the air conditioning. Home security systems can control these devices from your smartphone; you could be saving hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs. Some alarm systems can even adjust thermostats when extremely hot or cold weather is predicted, further reducing energy expenditure.

With the internet, smart phones and tablet apps using wireless technology means devices like thermostats, light switches, etc. can be wireless integrated into security systems.  A smarter home has you programing your house to suit your schedule, and you can turn off lights and lower the temperature when you aren’t home.


Catch problems before they start

Protect against frozen pipes with a freeze sensor. Replacing pipes is costly, as is cleaning up the damage they can cause.

Water Damage from a broken water heater or leaking faucet can destroy valuables and ruin walls and flooring. Your security system can notify you of a leak or flooding by using a flood sensor notification alarm. These water and flood sensors can be installed in any area – underneath sinks, behind washing machines – prone to possible flooding.


Less time away from your business

All this automation can allow you to be a productivity powerhouse. With a good security system, you can keep an eye on your home without having to actually be there to do it.

You can disable your alarm and allow trustworthy professionals into the house to do work while you’re away.  Plumbers, electricians or other contractors can complete repairs and other work when you are away from home. Keep track of in-home workers, like babysitters, house cleaners, and pet sitters, to make sure they arrive and leave as scheduled.

You can check anyone without being home by adding video cameras to strategic zones around the house. Install wireless sensors and set up text alerts on jewelry drawers, medicine cabinets, gun safes and home offices and know the moment someone intrudes on private spaces inside your home.

With smartphone apps, text and email alerts, and a secure website, you don’t have to leave your desk to keep on top of it all. Increased efficiency is another reason home security is a good investment.


Pay less for your insurance

First off, there’s the simple fact that the safer you and your home are, the cheaper your home insurance will be.

Equip your home with a smoke detector or burglar alarm and you’ll qualify for a discount. But to lower your insurance premiums by as much as 15 or 20 percent, install a sophisticated system that combines both and notifies monitoring stations or police and fire.

Stand-alone smoke detectors can be very limited and prone to failure. On the other hand, a security system with a built-in smoke detector is able to alert the fire department and give the address.

With a security system, accompanied by professional monitoring, you are harnessing technology to make your home more efficient. This lessens the risk of damage from unanticipated events, keeping both your home and family safe and secure.

Home security is a good investment because it benefits your lifestyle and adds peace of mind to your quality of life.

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