HOME SECURITY ALERT: Beware of Clowns and Zombies

Yes, that headline is real. This is not a Halloween-themed post, but a true home security alert that everyone should be aware of. In California, there have been a rash of bizarre clown sightings which appear to be connected to a collection of eerie Instagram photos. Also, a family struggles to regain feelings of safety after a man dressed as a grotesque Santa Claus zombie broke into their home and terrorized their children.

Mysterious Clown Sightings Rattle California Residents

Halloween isn’t even here yet, but reports of scary clowns appearing in public have more than one California neighborhood a bit concerned. So far, weird clown sightings have been reported in the cities of Bakersfield, Delano and Wasco– the latter of which may also be related to a “Wasco Clown” Instagram account. Now, before you laugh this home security alert off, note that some residents report having seen these clowns donning machetes and baseball bats and there have been as many as 20 sightings in a single week.

Don’t know about you folks, but this isn’t the guy that I want to discover alone in a dark parking lot:

(Photo Credit: Instagram, <a href=WascoClown)

Police are currently investigating these peculiar sightings, which appear to have started as an anonymous couple’s photography project. Since then, however, there have been concerns about copycat clowns, some of whom are also reportedly armed. Not so funny anymore, is it?

Now that this story has gained national news attention, it’s possible that these incidents may spread. What may have started as a prank or a harmless project has the potential of becoming something a lot more menacing. Immediately contact your local authorities should you ever notice a random clown walking around on any day that’s not Halloween. Be sure to also secure your homes with an alarm system, surveillance cameras and security lighting. Of course, this advice isn’t offered solely because of this home security alert, but it’s not a bad time to think about what could happen in your home if you choose to ignore this safety warning.

Zombie Santa Claus Terrorizes Family

Our second home security alert involves another bizarre incident of the costumed variety. In this case, however, a house was actually broken into while two children were at home alone inside. Luckily, no one was hurt, but the family was shaken up pretty badly and rightfully so.

This all started in Minneapolis after a ‘Zombie Pub Crawl’ took place in St. Paul. One drunken reveler dressed as a zombie Santa Claus managed to make his way into a house where a 14-year old boy and his 16-year old sister had the fright of their lives. The boy managed to flee from the house while the young girl locked herself inside a bathroom and called for help. When police arrived on the scene the intruder was fast asleep.

It’s a delight to write that no one has been harmed in any of these stories. It is also frightening to consider the possibilities of harm associated with each one. This isn’t an actual photograph associated with either story, but how many of you wouldn’t be immensely unnerved at having a guy like this break into your home while you’re relaxing on a quiet evening?

(Flickr,  Jon Collier)

(Flickr, Jon Collier)

Exactly. These make for interesting, albeit odd news stories, but you wouldn’t take an encounter like this too lightly if it happened to you– or your children while they were home alone. And a machete wielding clown in the neighborhood? No. Just no.

If you haven’t already done so, check out our post on keeping your neighborhood safe. Continue to be aware of your surroundings and never think that a bizarre security breach can’t happen to you.

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