Home Security: 5 Basics You Need to Know



Burglary is Preventable

Burglary is one of the easiest crimes to prevent, but unfortunately, one of the most common. These are some of the basics that can increase home security and prevent a burglary from happening to you or someone you love. If you’ve been reading here awhile, you’ll know that there are some topics that tend to get repeated. These are five of the home security basics.


1. Don’t Overlook Deterrents

Deterrents form an important part of your home security. If you think of your home security system as a two pronged defense, deterrents prevent burglars targeting you initially. Sure, the presence of an alarm is an impediment in the first place but making your home a hard target keeps most criminals at bay. Your alarm system is an integral part of your whole blueprint of protection and this is all about turning your soft target – an average family home – into a hard target.

2. Create a Fortress by Layering

By layering home security, you construct the home security system that suits you best. Take each individual component of home security from dead bolts to sensors, landscaping to surveillance cameras and utilize them in your home security scheme. What you will have created is a fortress; block by block each obstacle makes your home harder to access. This is your “fort” with the monitored alarm system as the equivalent of the cavalry. The higher your “walls” (the more layers) the harder your home is for a burglar to access. Remember, no thief likes to stick around. Fast in and fast out is a burglar’s motto. Several different layers slow a thief down as he has to work around them.

3. Learn from the Burglars

I know it sounds crazy but who would know best where the holes in your home security system are? When the career criminal goes straight, he’s the best guy to point out the weaknesses in your fortress.  There’s plenty of advice on the internet and television from these ex-burglars and in the articles here.

4. Dodge False Alarms

What’s the point of having a brilliant state-of-the-art alarm system and not setting it? People stop setting their alarm system because they’ve had too many false alarms. When you live win a city that levees a fee every time police officers respond to false alarms, the expenses can add up. Check out our article on avoiding false alarms. They are often due to human error or faulty equipment and can be remedied. Don’t compromise your home security by not arming your alarm.

5.  Monitored Alarms

With home invasions on the rise, we can’t emphasize the importance of a monitored alarm system enough. This essential service means an actual person is instantly notified that the alarm has been triggered and will be investigating the reason why. Initially, some vendors deceived unsuspecting clients into thinking such personalized service would be very expensive. But there are affordable solutions. Talk to the experts at your home security alarm company.


If you need more information or just want to read more about the subject, our website has articles on all these topics and more. Now that you’re here, take some time to explore the site. Everything mentioned in this post has been written about in earlier articles. Get educated about home security. You, your home, your family and even your community will benefit. Make your neighborhood a safer place.


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