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Are You Monitoring Your Home?

Who’s keeping an eye on your home while you are away? Whether your home is completely empty when you leave or whether you rely on a nanny or a housekeeper to perform varied duties– shouldn’t you know what is going on under your roof 24/7? No matter whether you’re at work or on vacation, modern technology makes it possible to remotely monitor your home. Isn’t it time that you take advantage of this technology and protect your home at the same time?

Home Monitoring Options

A variety of security and surveillance options make it possible for you to stay in touch with your home at all times. These include monitored alarm systems, nanny cams and other surveillance cameras. Some offer professional monitoring services while others allow you to monitor your home’s security from a remote devices, such as a computer or a smartphone.

Monitored Alarm Systems

While burglar alarms do not have to be monitored, those that are offer far better home protection than those that aren’t. This is because professional monitors are able to immediately spring into action as soon as an alarm is triggered. This action begins with attempts to contact a homeowner directly and, if such an attempt is unsuccessful, monitors will proceed with attempts to contact another designated party and/or local authorities. Without alarm monitoring, homeowners must rely on a neighbor or other good Samaritan to make these efforts– and do so in a manner which is not streamlined and may not be the most time-effective.

Monitored Video Surveillance

Cameras inside and around a home are known to be highly effective security deterrents. They are also, of course, very effective in helping to identify criminal activity at a home. Aside from these benefits, video surveillance also allows homeowners to monitor the behavior of people allowed access to a home, such as caregivers, housekeepers and other maintenance persons.

Like alarms, surveillance cameras can be professionally monitored, but they can also be monitored by the homeowner with the aid of personal computers and smartphones. Not only can a homeowner watch live streams of activity inside of a home at any time, but many cameras also offer audio streams and still image captures. The affordability and ease of this sort of remote home surveillance should be considered by all homeowners, particularly working parents and those caring for elderly or ailing relatives.

Your Thoughts On Home Monitoring

Whether hardwired or wireless, home monitoring options offer superior levels of home security. Are you using one of these devices? Do you have any monitoring advice you’d like to share with our readers? Your comments are always welcome in the space provided below.

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