The Dangers of Home Invasion




Unprovoked Attacks

In today’s news, a man is recovering after he was taken hostage during a home invasion. According to police, three robbers charged into the home just after 9 p.m. Wednesday 13 November 2013, kidnapped him and tied up his wife. Yesterday, across the country, in a separate incident, three men forced their way into a Texas apartment, waking the husband and wife and then shooting the husband dead.

With home invasions on the rise across America, you need to know that your family and your home are safe and secure. You want to know that these scenarios can’t happen to you and it’s good to remember that a monitored burglar alarm or security service will be your best plan.


Security You Can Afford

If you can afford it, then armed response is the best route. If you can’t, then a good neighborhood watch goes a long way toward preventing crime. No man, (woman or child) is an island. If you are a high profile person then armed response with an alarmed system would be your ideal choice. The question is, can you stop them? No. Can you deter them? Yes, definitely.

Money may not buy you everything, but it can buy you peace–of-mind. When it comes to home and personal security, being cheap about safety is not an option these days. Go for the best you can afford.

Most home invasions come when you least expect them. It’s a nasty subject that has to be addressed by all renters, landlords and homeowners alike. The point you may ask is, are you at risk? What are the dangers? What are the options? Here are a few to keep in mind when choosing your mode of protection.


Prevention is the Best Route

It is important to remember that prevention is better than cure when it comes to personal and home safety. Also keep in mind that is nothing is instant when it comes to response time after a break-in. Keep them out or at the very least delay them.

Home invasion is more than a burglary and falls more or less into the category of a robbery. That is because these types of crooks invade a home whether it is occupied or not and usually cause mayhem.

Who are these thugs and what’s in their heads? You have part of the answer. It’s what’s in their heads that is the real motivation to rob without fear, often helped by drugs or alcohol. The elements of a thug cannot be changed by you or I. But precautions can be taken to avoid getting beaten up in the event of a home invasion.


It Will Never Happen To Me!

If you are ever unfortunate enough to be the victim of a home invasion, then never, never, underestimate your attacker. And don’t forget these are violent people, often driven by mind bending substances. Always expect bad treatment and be prepared to submit to abuses like being gagged and tied up. At this stage use the time wisely and the best to do, is plan your next approach.

Violence begets violence so don’t get violent. Most drug induced attackers respond favorably to people who co-operate with them, stay calm and avoid being a hero victim. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, so hold on and suppress your anger and outrage. Violence is the nature of a home invasion and you have little control beyond being calm.

It may sound like I am rooting for the burglar but I can only tell you what all law enforcement agencies suggest, from first-hand experience. There are few things that can surpass vigilance for personal safety. Not paranoia, but good vigilance in all your actions and always keep an eye out for the unusual.

There are many articles here that discuss what to look out for and precautions you can take, such as “Don’t be a Victim” and others, look around.

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