HOME IMPROVEMENT: 5 More Of the Simplest Upgrades You Can Make

As promised in our earlier post, we’re back to share more home improvement ideas with you. Each one adds a unique your security layer to your home and most can be done with a little DIY effort. Just to quickly recap, the home improvement ideas we’ve already covered include:

  • Creating a Safe Room
  • Installing a Hidden Safe
  • Updating Your Address Fonts
  • Using Window Lace For Privacy
  • Upgrading to Smartlocks

Now that you’re up to speed, let’s just dive right in and explore 5 more home improvement ideas and upgrades, shall we?

1. Change Your Front Door

Home improvement - change your front doors for better home security

(Photo Credit: Timo Newton-Syms, Flickr.com)

Let’s talk about front door security…as in how sturdy is yours? Is your door made of a solid wood or maybe even metal? If not, it’s very likely that criminals could walk right through your front door at any given time. Make the barriers between your home’s interior and the outside world as strong as you can by starting with a heavy door that’s difficult to penetrate.

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