HOME IMPROVEMENT: 5 Of the Simplest Upgrades You Can Make

Simple home improvement upgrades can make a huge difference in your life. Whether you’re planning to sell your house soon or whether you’d just like to enhance your home’s appearance and security, SafeResidence has some ideas to share about the upgrades you can make. From secret rooms to ideas that can actually lower your homeowner’s insurance, there’s something on our list of home improvement upgrades for everyone! Check it out:

5 Home Improvement Upgrades You Don’t Want to Miss

1. Create a Safe Room

Home improvement ideas - safe room

(Photo Credit: Urban Core Adventures, UrbanCoreAdventures.com)

Sounds very extensive–and maybe even a little expensive–we know! But creating a safe room is actually as easy as it is smart. There’s no need to build a special room from scratch when an existing bathroom or guest room will do. And if you want to disguise it, add a bookcase to the door like the one featured above, which we found at Urban Core Adventures!

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