Home Design Ideas That Will Increase Security and Privacy

Some home design ideas are better than others. This is because, while most are aesthetically pleasing, some may also be quite functional. In today’s post, we want to share with you some of our best home design ideas that can also increase your overall privacy and security.

Outdoor Lighting

Home design ideas that will increase your privacy and security - outdoor lighting

(Photo Credit: ciao-chow, Flickr.com)

Good security means being able to see who or what is lurking around your home regardless of the hour or the weather conditions outside. Motion-activated floodlights should definitely surround your home and, lucky for you, they come in a variety of styles and colors to match your home’s decor. While security lighting is a necessity, choose a look that gets the job done without interrupting the landscaping flair you’ve created. Do be certain, however, to select lighting with the right IP rating for your city’s climate conditions.

Enclosed Porch

Home design ideas that will increase security and privacy - enclosed front porch

(Photo Credit: Carrie Qualters, Flickr.com)

At one time, it was not uncommon to find homes with screened front porches throughout American suburbs. If you are building a new home or remodeling an old one, consider bringing this trend back by adding a screened porch that doubles as a sitting room to your list of home design ideas. Still being somewhat visible from the street, an enclosed front porch creates a semi-private space for you to interact with salespeople or others who may approach your home and who you may want to speak to, but are not so keen on inviting.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Home design ideas that will increase security and privacy - mirrors everywhere!

(Photo Credit: Diamond Tech, Flickr.com)

And everywhere else! Mirrors can be incorporated into a number of really cool home design ideas. From mirrored kitchen and bathroom tiles to mirrored doors, you really do have a variety of ways to use them. Not only do mirrors add light and aesthetic appeal, but they are also a useful way to see behind you and around corners. By being strategic in your placement and angling of these design accessories, you can add another, quite beautiful, layer of security to your home!

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