Happy Holidays: 7 tips for Seasonal Home Security

Okay, Halloween’s over…and Thanksgiving’s nearly here. The arrival of the festive season means reconnecting with friends and family, fantastic food, presents and burglars! Whoa, hold on…what have burglars got to do with anything?

It’s an unfortunate reality that while the majority are full of seasonal good cheer, there are bad guys just waiting for any opportunity. Don’t be a statistic, put seasonal home security first and protect your home and loved ones from any nasty surprises.


Steps to Improve Seasonal Home Security

Is your home an easy hit? Crooks that target homes are usually looking for a house they can break into easily, grab something valuable, and leave before anyone knows they’ve been there. Don’t let these opportunists get lucky with an open window or unlocked door.

These fairly simple steps will greatly improve your seasonal home security and make your home less appealing to the bad guys. These holidays spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the festivities and fun. Here are seven steps to improve your seasonal home security for a safe and happy holiday.


1) Think like a burglar

Done properly, this single step should spotlight any weak spots in your seasonal home security. You’ll need to be objective and look for all possible points of entry, including vents and pet flaps. Don’t dismiss small and inaccessible spaces and check out 2nd story balconies and windows.


2) Lock the doors and windows

Nearly half of all burglaries occur because the thieves access the home through unlocked doors and windows. You probably don’t know that doors are the most common point of entry for a burglar? By simply locking your doors and windows, you can up your seasonal home security. Don’t ignore upper doors and windows, crooks can climb and will use ladders and trees to get inside.


3) Don’t leave tools lying around

With leaves dropping and snow falling, rakes and shovels become a requirement for everyday upkeep. For seasonal home security, put your tools away when the job is done and don’t overlook ladders – crooks use them as well as tree branches to access upper windows.


4) Don’t tell social media where you are

We’ve said it often, insurance companies will tell you, police departments will warn you; post your location on social media and you’re putting yourself and your home at risk! This one mistake can blow your seasonal home security right out of the water even if you’re only going to be away for twenty minutes.


5) Shed some light on the subject

With the usual lights switched on at the normal time – and switched off at the usual time – it’s going to take a criminal some time to figure out if you’re home or not. You can control your lights remotely even if no one’s home. For seasonal home security and energy conservation there are devices that allow for automated lighting.


6) Close curtains and blinds

Spread the good cheer and put the Christmas tree by the front window to share with others but don’t have presents in sight. Even if they are wrapped, a large stash of presents is an open invitation to a burglar looking for a worthwhile target. If you can’t keep the presents out of sight, the next best option for seasonal home security would be to close any curtains and blinds.

7) Always arm your security system

That state-of-the-art, technologically superior alarm system is useless if you forget to use it! A surprisingly large number of burglaries succeed because the homeowners didn’t arm their security system. A home security system that includes smartphone and online access may be the answer if you frequently forget to arm it, or get a key-chain remote for simple arming and disarming.


Follow these seven steps to increase your seasonal home security and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you’ve taken precautions for safe and happy holidays.


What have we missed? What else would you suggest to keep your home safe during the holidays? Please share in the comments below!


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