Guide to Selecting a Hardwired or Wireless Alarm

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When choosing a new burglar alarm, many people struggle with trying to decide between purchasing a hardwired security system or a wireless one. As home security is such an important decision, we thought we’d help educate you on the similarities and differences between the two types of devices. Much will depend upon the size of your home and its architecture, but armed with the right information you can make the best decision to protect your home today.

Fact Vs. Fiction

Let’s first clear up a popular myth in the comparisons between wired alarms vs. wireless ones. Many years ago, hardwired security systems were mostly superior to their wireless counterparts, but that’s not necessarily the case anymore. For most homes, both systems will provide the same levels of alarm protection.

When to Choose a Hardwired Alarm System

If you live in a home with a very large square footage, a hardwired security alarm is probably your best choice. The reason for this is quite simply the distance between window and door sensors and the alarm’s main base. If that distance is too great, wireless communication between these instruments may be compromised. With a hardwired system, however, actual wires will be used to connect all of the alarm’s parts and communication will remain strong regardless of distance.

Also, if you are building a new home of any size, a hardwired home security system can more easily be installed at this time. This is because it can literally be a part of the construction process as opposed to drilling holes in walls and cabinets after the fact.

When to Choose a Wireless Alarm System

If you live in a small or average sized home, a wireless system will serve you well. Distance between sensors and contacts with the alarm’s main unit will not present an issue.

Also, a wireless system is a good option for homes with concrete or brick walls, which present a problem for hardwired systems since wiring is typically placed inside of walls. Further, if you live in a home where you are unable to drill holes into the structure (such as a rental home or one where making such changes will reduce the home’s value), then a wireless system is highly recommended.

A Word About Hybrid Security Systems

Unless there is a reason why you cannot purchase a wireless home security system or a hardwired system, rest assured that you can employ both for your home’s security. While the main alarm that you choose will be one or the other, peripheral security devices such as surveillance cameras, security lighting and two-way intercom systems can easily be integrated into an existing system whether they are hardwired or wireless. Known as hybrid systems, most late model security systems can be expanded to allow either technology.

What Do You Think?

Do you have a preference between hardwired or wireless alarm systems? Have we missed anything important in educating our readers about both? Your ideas and comments are welcome in the space provided below.

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