Garage Security: Taking Care of Your Transport


Is Your Ride in Danger

Garages are easy marks and a favorite way for thieves to get inside your house.  Crooks scout around for potential objectives, checking out targets with simple entry points and of course the easier the better.  It’s often the lack of garage security that provides that key weak spot in your defenses.

We usually think of our garage as a safe place for our cars but that’s not always the case. Recently thieves have been stealing cars right out of garages, sometimes in the middle of the day.

Generally people are remarkably sloppy about garage security. This growing trend can be due to the fact that we often park our cars in our garages and go inside; assuming that all is safe and secure. Often garage doors are even left open without a thought to garage security.


This is a Growing Trend

In Illinois, one suburb was hit three times in a two day period. Each time the thieves found the garage door up and the keys in the ignition. Is it any wonder that thieves are targeting cars parked inside home garages? The first step to good garage security would be never leaving the keys inside and always locking your car.

This serves to prove what law enforcement agencies have been saying all along. Most crimes are crimes of opportunity, waiting to happen. By leaving your garage doors wide open you are inviting casual theft. And it’s not only cars!

One affected homeowner showed the shattered glass left behind after burglars came through a glass door while she was picking up the kids from school. The thieves took the usual haul of electronic goods and valuables and then also made off with the brand new family car, right out of the garage.

Another home was broken into while the homeowners were having their daily walk. Coming up the block they saw the garage door standing open – it had been closed – and both automobiles were gone.

It’s not clear whether these incidents were related, but victims worry that they may have been profiled. The crooks could have been watching the homeowners’ daily routine to determine the best time to strike.


How do You Think They Get in?

Entry points such as a side door that opens into a garage also provides an access point for car thieves. And many home invasion robbers come through open garage doors and then through the side door into the house.  Any door from the garage leading into the house needs to be even stronger and more solid than your front door and it should be a fire proof door. Once a crook is finished raiding your garage, where does he go? Into the house! Tighten up your garage security, and you protect not only your possessions but more importantly, your home, and your family.

Burglars often pick their targets based on the stuff they have seen inside. By leaving your garage doors or windows uncovered, you’re inviting thieves to come window shopping. Allowing a clear view of the stuff you store in the garage will tell burglars if you are worth their effort. If your garage door has windows, either frost them or change out the doors for solid ones and use blinds or curtains on any windows.


One of the Easiest Entry Routes

A burglar can get inside your garage unseen and once inside can easily gain entry into the rest of your home. Burglars love garages because of all the desirable items usually stored inside. Power tools, lawnmowers and cars are the main attractions and garage security is often weak, giving crooks the ideal chance to strike.

A further point, does your home alarm extend to the garage? If not you should talk to your home security alarm company. You might need an added entry/exit control panel which will eliminate the likelihood of false alarms.

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