4 Of the Best DIY Home Security Tips You’ll Ever Get

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3. Do Not Rely On a Single Home Security Measure

A dog, a gun, martial arts training, whatever! None of these are good excuses for not taking multiple home security measures. We’ve told you stories of dogs being injured or killed during break-ins and we’ve highlighted the dangers of relying solely on gun security to protect your home. No, the best home security is layered, which includes everything from deterrents like warning signage to full on alarm and surveillance equipment.

4. Forget the Dumb Stuff

Often, home security breaches happen due to sheer negligence on our parts. We do silly things that literally invite burglars inside our homes like:

  • Placing a note outside instructing delivery people on where to leave items and packages when nobody’s home.
  • Placing spare keys under rocks, flowerpots, etc.
  • Keeping a garage door opener in the car (allows any thief to simply break into your car, steal the opener and any item with your address on it for instant access to your home).
  • Leaving telltale signs of high-end purchases (ex: boxes that contained expensive electronic equipment) on the curb overnight for trash pickup instead of breaking them down and placing them inside a bin or even putting them out the morning of your trash pickup.
  • Charging your mobile phone in another room overnight. If power lines are cut by a burglar, how will you call for help?

The best DIY home security tip we can offer is to be mindful of what you’re doing on a day-to-day basis and NEVER take security for granted!

What Do You Think About DIY Home Security?

What are your best tips for DIY home security? Do you have questions about any of the advice we’ve shared? Contact us if you need help on choosing the right home security system and feel free to leave your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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