4 Of the Best DIY Home Security Tips You’ll Ever Get

DIY home security empowers as much as it protects. In securing your residence on your own, you begin to develop a heightened sense of awareness about your surroundings, as well as feelings of power and control when it comes to protecting your family and your valuables. There is no better feeling than relaxing in a home that you know is well-guarded and where your family can feel safe! In an effort to help you feel empowered about protecting your home, we want to share with you some of our top DIY home security tips.

The best DIY home security tips are being shared on SafeResidence.com now!

(Photo Credit: mattwalker69, Flickr.com)

1. Avoiding (or Surviving!) a Home Invasion

  • Keep your security system armed 24/7–even when you are at home
  • Keep a charged mobile phone within your immediate reach day and night
  • Create a safe room inside your home
  • Barricade yourself and your family inside a safe room immediately if an intruder enters
  • Add a panic alarm to your DIY home security system if you don’t already have one

2. Good Neighborhoods Aren’t Safe Neighborhoods

When it comes to home security, many falsely believe that they very need little of it because they live in a “good neighborhood”. Don’t be one of those people! While the homes in your neighborhood may be quite expensive, your local schools the envy of the nation and your neighbors may even be household names, no neighborhood is exempt from burglaries! In fact, homes in such areas are often selected by more sophisticated burglars simply because they are in great neighborhoods.

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