More Nifty Design Ideas That Actually Improve Security

Earlier this week, we shared a few design ideas that will seriously increase your home security. None are intended to replace your home security system, but all can be used in the process of layering your security. Well, as promised, we’re back with even more ideas that we know you’ll love. Without further ado, check these out and let us know what you think:

Decorative Screens and Large Windows

Learn about decorative window screens and other ideas for fashionable home security at SafeResidence!

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Also known as room dividers or partitions, decorative screens are a great way to allow sunlight to flood your home without compromising security. Simply place a decorative screen in front of a large window and, voila, you’re done! You can now open your drapes as wide as you like without allowing passersby to see inside your home.

Watch Your Home in Style

Design ideas for better home security await at SafeResidence

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Install surveillance that doesn’t quite look like surveillance. These days, cameras and DVRs can be hidden anywhere including wall sconces, functional clocks, outlet adapters, even dummy smoke alarms! Position these all over your home–and outside, too–without disturbing the aesthetic. Many also come with remote viewing abilities and some even have 2-way audio capabilities. Yes, that’s right, you may be clear on the other side of the world, but you can use your smartphone to see a thief inside your home…and tell him to get out…without ever placing yourself in harm’s way!

Wrought Iron Security

Design ideas like decorative iron window protection can be found at SafeResidence

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In our last post, we talked a little about security doors and how they’ve come a long way from what most of us remember as children. Did you know that wrought iron security for windows has also made a transformation? No more bars to make your home look like a prison, but more modern design ideas have made it simple to protect windows with wrought iron without sacrificing beauty and elegance.

Summing it All Up

So, just to gather all of the ideas in one place, let’s summarize the design ideas we’ve covered this week:

  • Install a front door that swings out and is impossible to kick in
  • Install a decorative security screen on your front door
  • Use window film to beautify windows, make them difficult to shatter and hard to see through
  • Install smarthome gadgets like smartlocks to modernize your home and keep it secure
  • Place decorative screens in front of large windows to allow sunlight, but block street views
  • Use hidden cameras in everyday or decorative items to watch your home while you’re away
  • Use decorative wrought iron designs to guard your windows

Most of these design ideas are of the DIY variety and several can even be applied to rental dwellings. And every one of them can be tailored to suit your needs and your design aesthetic. Each presents a vast array of possibilities all while keeping your home as secure as possible!

Which Design Ideas Did We Miss?

Between our first post on this topic and this one, we hope you’ve found some design ideas you can use to make your home as secure as it is appealing. And even though we’ve given you some awesome tips to try, we know that we haven’t covered them all. We’re giving you the floor now as we hope you’ll share your own design ideas, which also help boost home security.

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